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Jul 31, 2011 08:20 PM

AT&T (inside the) Park

No time to get food before the ballgame. What should we eat? What should we avoid at all costs?

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  1. Gordon Biersch garlic fries are good, get them at various concession stands. They are great paired with the Dungeness crab sandwich and/or the sourdough chowder bread bowl.

    Avoid the churros at all cost.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      agreed that the churros are to be avoided at all costs And, if you want to wait in any lines to purchase food; either have cash or be sure (ask BEFORE you wait in line!) that not only does the stand accept credit cards (most do, at least in theory) AND that the machine is working! Apparently they were or are having some connectivity/network problems at a few of the stands this year, and when I complained about waiting in line and THEN finding out that the cc machine was down, I was told that ATT Park management prohibits any signs saying "Cash Only Today" or "Credit Card Machine Not Working" or any such. A letter of complaint to the Giants has gone unanswered.

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        The frybread guy (with toppings of your choice; I prefer strawberries and whipped cream) are a much better choice than the churros. He's located in the section underneath the bleachers.

        The dungeness crab sandwich in the food court behind the bleachers is quite good if expensive.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          There's a hysterical, sarcastic churro seller who goes up and down the stands advertising the churros as "Sugary rubber sticks! I-I meant... churros?" and winks at the crowd.

          1. re: Keesey

            I think that's the same guy who advertises his hot chocolate thusly: " get your warm sugary water...!"

        2. Go for the dogs/brats that are done on the grill, rather than the pre-made ones.

          The chili dogs are OK from the Irish Pub stand and Hebrew National, if a bit messy (and the superior Coney Island Dog stand closed a couple years ago.

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            Those brats are called Sheboygans! And I was going to suggest these as well. They're grilled large sausages with onions and sauerkraut. Kind of similar to a breakfast sausage but with more spices. The bread has gone down in quality... they just split right down the center. So it's more of a messy sandwich at that point. I've developed a habit of bringing my own plastic knife and fork so I can eat this w/o half of it ending up on my lap.

            I also recommend Tres Agaves' carnitas nachos.

            Here's a handy map to help you locate all of these suggestions. Just click on "Food" in the right-hand directory.

          2. Ghirardelli hot fudge sundays sold on the top and bottom floors only are usually on my to-do list.

              1. Most of the places that have better than average food and beer are all the way to the left (east) on the bottom level and all the way to the right (west) on the top level.

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                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  As a Giant' fanatic and a picky eater, I test eat from as many stands as possible in a variety of locations every year. I like the reuben from Murph's (and the half and half as well) on the promenade and the corned beef sandwich from the club level. The cheese steak, made behind the bleachers (Outta Here), is pretty good. Any of the carvery stands are fine. The meatbal sub from the North Beach is good and there's a pastrami baguette on the club level as well. IMHO, everything else is eminently forgettable.

                  1. re: dartinbout

                    We had carvery sandwiches - a brisket and a turkey. Generous and tasty portions of meat. The roll was underbaked/could have used toasting or something, but all in all, for under $10 each, we were pretty full.

                    We had the tres agaves nachos last time and thought they were goopy slop.