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Jul 31, 2011 07:53 PM

ISO Envy Apples

Has anyone seen these apples anywhere? They are a hybrid from New Zealand. I got them recently at Safeway, of all places, but they no longer have them. Marin or Berkeley/Oakland preferred but any suggestions welcomed. Thanks.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Can I ask why the reply to my post was removed? It was from a grower in NZ who provided topical information about where to find Envy apples. As it turns out, Safeway is the only grocer carrying them locally. I recommend seeking these out if you have a chance - they are similar to an Arkansas Black, though not as dense.

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        I live in the midwest and we have been finding these at a grocery story chain called Hy-Vee - I am sure that their availability will be short lived, but it is worth grabbing them while we can! They are very large and wonderful.

      2. I had been avoiding the non-US-origin apples, but I picked one up for curiosity's sake at my local Safeway based on this post.

        Pretty good apple - definitely better than other varieties of apples I've picked up at the same store

        1. Hi Terri - I don't know why the post disappeared - sorry I have been away at our annual pipfruit conference. What I had said was the Envy is a new variety with very limited quantites. Over the next few years the volume will increase. We start shipping from New Zealand in April and go through July, then your crop will come into the market in your fall from Washington State. Envy is a natural cross between Royal Gala and Braeburn, just like the Jazz variety - but they are very different 'sisters'. Envy will stay creamy white for hours after it is cut, not something we planned, but a nice attribute. Food safety and on orchard sustainability is very high in NZ, we are very proud of our industry and while we are a ways from the market, our efficencies make it so we can produce and ship using less carbon emmissions than many other countries, or in some cases even domestic prduction. Thank you all for your support of the NZ apple growers!

          1. The Safeway store in Ignacio (Novato) has the Envy apples for $2.50 lb.

            Another store called Sprouts Farmer Market store in Petaluma has them also....Safeway one's are far better. Hope this helps!

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              At Berkeley Bowl (non-organic) $2.09/lb