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Jul 31, 2011 05:20 PM

Dude, Sweet Chocolate

I think they really need their own thread ...

The kitchen/shop is located in Bishop Arts, but a nice selection (depending on when you go) is sold at Avoca on Magnolia (indie restaurant row) in Fort Worth (a coffee house).

Tried FM 1410 (hope I'm remembering the number right) today, and it is quite, quite good. Sadly Avoca was sold out of my new favorite, blackstrap fudge.

November is the timeframe for the potential Dude, Sweet Chocolate expansion at Avoca.

I tried the iced mocha today (I think all their chocolate drinks are made with DSC chocolate, but I did not confirm this one)--it was forgettable.

Other memorable DSC items are the blue cheese fudge and the hot chocolate mix with housemade marshmallows. They now make other marshmallows, which I haven't tried yet.

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  1. I'm addicted to their various flavored chocolate marshmallows.

    1. I went to Lili's for dinner Sat. night. As we walked out, I looked across the street at Avoca and languished briefly over the molasses fudge. Now this post makes me wish I'd given in to temptation! Like you said.... I'm going to have to make a trip to BA.

      1. This place was jam packed mid-afternoon today!! Great for them! but I'll look forward to going back on a less busy weekday. I was surprised at the no-frills design and staging - no displays.

        1. Just wanted to note that the 'kiosk' (mini store) at Avoca is open as of yesterday. Also wanted to recommend the new Tahitian fudge (made with passionflower juice and coconut milk). It is sweeter than their usual offerings, unusual, and very good. It met my medicinal need for chocolate today :D It also met with approval from both dark chocolate lovers and haters.

          1. The vodka/lime/sea salt truffles are an addiction. Not really a "lime" taste, but a nice little tang.

            And the marshmallows...... airy, light, spongy, not overly sweet - cashew, cocoa nib, coconut. mmmmm

            (I tried the blue cheese - not really my favorite, but a most distinctive flavor!)

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              Just went to Avoca today and tried D, SC's blue cheese truffle. Wow! Distinctive flavor is absolutely right... would've paired better with a nice glass or red instead of the macchiato I had.