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Jul 31, 2011 04:52 PM

Restaurants near JFK

I will be driving from Philadelphia to pick up my daughter at JFK airport (International Arrivals) and plan on parking in the Cell Phone Lot until she arrives. I will need to get some dinner. Is there somewhere decent on the way to the airport to eat? I am not looking for a memorable dinner, but more than just fast food.

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  1. Don Peppe, South Ozone Park.
    Search this board for previous reviews.

    Don Peppe
    135-58 Lefferts Blvd, Queens, NY 11420

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    1. re: famdoc

      The restaurant sounds good but my concern is that I've read that there can be long waits to get seated, especially on weekends, and this could be a problem if I am trying to pick someone up at the airport.

      1. re: dspilkia

        Depends upon timing. Sure, at 8 PM there'll be a line. However, arrive at 6 and you'll probably be seated right away. Read some of the reviews for recommended dishes, but don't miss the clams.

    2. Bumping this up rather than starting a new thread, because I, too, am looking for place near JFK for a Friday night (have a couple hours). Preferably American or Italian or a steakhouse, but it's just me, so the "family style" portions of a Don Peppe would be a bit much.

      Actually, it doesn't even near to be right around JFK, I can stop on my drive down. Anywhere near the Van Wyck between the Whitestone Bridge and JFK would be great, preferably that has parking so I don't have to fight for a spot on the street on a Friday night.

      I was thinking Kane's Diner, but other than what I see online I don't know anything about them, and am open to other suggestions...