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Jul 31, 2011 04:43 PM

Need advice for couple with 3 month old - Kittery to Portland to Bar Harbor trip

Hello all, i leave friday for a trip up the coast for 10 days and was looking for some advice on some child friendly good spots. We picked Maine for this years vacation since they have so many laid back lobster shacks/pounds where bringing a 3 month old shouldn't be a problem. I will list what we have come up with so far for our itinerary but would appreciate any and all feedback.
We leave friday mid morning for a trip to kittery to do some quick shopping at the outlets. We were thinking of doing an early dinner at Chauncey Creek Lobster. Sound good? Anything better?
On our way to Portland on Saturday we were going to hit Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth which we have heard is a tourist trap but figure it is a must stop for the view. I am assuming if we get here early enough around 11:00ish, we shouldn't have too long of a wait, let me know if I am wrong - 30 minutes or so is fine but we don't want to wait around for 90 minutes or so.
We arrive in Portland for 2 days and at this point had Duckfat picked out for a lunch, maybe Otto as well and figured a breakfast at Becky's diner as well. Any other great spots we can try out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc that have outdoor seating where we can eat with a baby?
We are then stopping in Freeport on our way to Bar Harbor and figured we would try Haraseeket Lunch for a lunch before settling in for drive to bar Harbor where we are spending 6 nights.
Right now we have lobster claw and jordan's pond house for lunch, 2 cats for breakfast, thurston's and biel's lobster pounds, J's oyster bar for dinner lined up. Also going to hit Tracey's in Sullivan on the way to schoodic point.
We would welcome any additional recommendations. We know we are missing the high end foodie restaurants but we would also consider take out if necessary a night or two since our hotel has a great common area where evidently you can bring back food and hang out. Thanks again for the assistance in advance.

Lobster Shack
225 Two Lights Rd, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

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  1. Re. Cape Elizabeth: If you are at the Lobster Shack when it opens, you should be fine. When we were there, I didn't find it a tourist trap -- not like Red's in Wiscasset -- but it's been a couple years. Three month old babies sleep alot and we found it's easier to eat out with a baby than we thought.

    Lobster Shack
    225 Two Lights Rd, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

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    1. re: three of us

      Curious as to what makes Red's a "tourist trap"?

    2. have to voice a nay for Jays.FUN place for a drink really bad for oysters!

      1. Regarding Portland: Do you like sushi? It's not Miyake. but Yosaku has a nice patio and is very kid-friendly. (Not that your kid will be eating anything, of course--but they are perfectly tolerant of babies. It is true that going out to eat will be easier now than it's going to be for about the next five years.) I have given up recommending the Port Hole, although it has a lovely deck and a great breakfast, as it is now officially so crowded that nobody goes there. Or you could do a lunch or dinner at Flatbread, which also has a gorgeous deck on the wharf, but you will be surrounded by your future.

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          Sciencediet, did you just steal a line from Yogi Berra?

          Depends on your schedule of course, but if you aren't spending anytime Mid-Coast otherwise, I would recommend grabbing lunch in the Rockland/Camden area on your Portland to Bar Harbor drive (instead of Freeport). Not that I don't like Harraseeket Lunch &'s perfectly acceptable...but you'll probably be getting your fill of lobster pounds up on MDI.

          Perhaps something like Home Kitchen Cafe in Rockland, for example.

          Harraseeket Lunch
          36 Main St South, Freeport, ME

          Home Kitchen Cafe
          650 Main St, Rockland, ME 04841

          1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

            Thanks. Yosaku looks great and its only a few minute walk from the Hilton we are staying at. I guess Flatbread is a good alternative to Otto which was recommended by a friend. I had assumed it was a subsidiary of Batali's Otto in NYC but I guess I was wrong.
            MidCoastMaineiac - i appreciate the rockland/camden recommendations but I was thinking of taking the highway route to bar Harbor as I have been told the route 1 traffic could be a nightmare early August. Knowing myself, there is also no way I could pass by Red's Eats and not wait on line to give their lobster roll a shot.

            Red's Eats
            Main, Wiscasset, ME 04578

            1. re: nyctoct

              The fear is understandable, but the only potential nightmare is the Wiscasset bottleneck...and even then it depends on the time of day/week (i.e. Friday afternoon / Saturday heading north or Saturday afternoon / Sunday heading south). It's the Maine coast...the drive is part of the fun! Taking your time and spending part of the day in Wiscasset, Damariscotta, Rockland, Camden, and/or Belfast is better from a view/food perspective. Best to get it done now, before you start spending vacations at Disneyworld...

              1. re: nyctoct

                I would also make sure I had indoor back up plans in case it rained. Otto has two spots within about 1 mile both on Congress St. Both kid friendly although the newer one near Washington Ave. has much more room. Flatbread is also nice and kid friendly and Yosaku is as kid friendly as a sushi place can get. We drive up to SW Harbor each summer and my wife and I always battle about which way to take. I always want to stay on the coast and she just wants to get there. There are a lot worse places to be stuck in traffic than Wiscasset.

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                  Well we just had our first dinner at Chauncey creek in kittery. We were very happy. We started with steamers which I thought were excellent. Little high priced I thought at 15 bucks but I would certainly get them again. Wife had the lobster roll which was ok. My wife's favorite lobster rolls to date are at duryeas lobster dock in montauk and pearl oyster bar in NYC. Hopefully on this trip, she finds something she likes better but not tonight. I had a 3 lb lobster and I thought it was great. Priced at 14.95 a pound. Loved that it was byob and other tables certainly took advantage as we noticed champagne, salads other apps all brought in from elsewhere. We arrived at 7 pm and there were still plenty of tables and the view was very nice. Off to Portland tomorrow and checking out lobster shack at two lights on the way. Appreciate all the Portland advice. Still would love some recommendations around Acadia. Now we have a good starting point to compare the rest of our stops with. Thanks.