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Jul 31, 2011 03:53 PM

Montreal for a week Food Critique

Hi all, I am a NYer visiting for a week. I have read a few of the threads on the boards and came up with a list of places to go when I visit in 3 weeks. Any feedback, suggestions, or additional recommendations would be appreciated. My primary goal is to have food that I can't really get in NY, price, atmosphere, service is secondary.
Pied de Couchon (various fois gras, duck in a can)
Schwartz (smoked meats psyched about this since I am a big fan of Katz in NYC)
Main (open late, will try just to compare with Schwartz)
St Viatear and Fairmont bagels (bagels, there is an ice cream place Kem Coba next to Fairmont)
Coco Rico's-rotisserie chicken
Romados-Portugeese grilled chicken, tarts
Daou (there are not many Lebanese places I know of in NYC)
Boustan (another Lebanese place, chicken trio and shawarma)
La Carreta-pupusa (never really had or seen this in NYC)
La Banquise (24 hours, poutine, will be going here a lot since I am a night owl)
Jean Talon Market (Capitale, read they have good panninis, Maraches des Saveurs, read their cheese especially the Cheve Noir is excellent, and Haurve aux Glaces for gelatos and sorbets)
Kaza Maza (Syrian)
Premier Moisson-palmier\croissants
Cinquieme Peche-horse and seal meat
DNA (rare organ meats I can't get in NYC)
Espace Europa (french macarons)
Toque (seems to be the fine dining restaurant with the most positive feedback here)
Malewa or Ranks (African, I couldn't find a menu online, there are Ethopian restaurants I know in NYC but I don't know any African restaurants)
McKiernan, Joe Beef, Liverpool House (all near each other, I could not find menus online so I will go there and see which is most appealing to me out of the three)
Guillanne (buns aux pommes and pastries)
The following I will consider if I have more time, I've read good things about them here on chowhound but their menus seem to consist of things I can get in NYC. I will change my mind if you guys give me more input.
Lemeac (brunch)
LawerenceByblos (brunch)
La goulette
Garde Manger
Tuck Shop
Buvette Chez Simone (will probably end up here one night though since they are open late)
Bombay Mahal (I see a lot of feedback on Indian food threads, I am a huge fan of Indian food, especially butter chicken. But I grew up in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY which does Indian food very well. So I'm afraid to try any in case I'll be disappointed)
Sorry for the long post. Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for all your posts, they were and are extremely helpful.

Joe Beef
2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

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  1. Wow! Awesome list. Just want to point out that McKiernan is currently closed and they are supposedly turning it into something else but I don't think it's open yet.

    And Liverpool House was just hit by a fire and not sure when they'll be open yet.

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    1. re: kpzoo

      Yes, Joe Beef will be your only option. McKiernan's is now the Joe Beef Oyster bar, which seemed open the last time I passed by.

      Joe Beef
      2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

    2. That's a good list I think.

      For Première Moisson, if you're curious to see what our biggest bakery chain looks like you could go yes. It's not bad, but if you want to sample the best bakeries in town, here's a short list : Guillaume (already on your list, but try the baguette tradition too), Mamie Clafoutis, Au Co'pains d'Abord, La bête à pain, Arhoma, Le Fromentier and of course Kouign-Amann for brittany specialities that I don't think is available in NY.

      For palmier, there's only one place to go : Olive et Gourmando. They're absolutely amazing.

      For poutine I strongly suggest Patati-Patata, but La Banquise is worth the try too.

      Oh and for macarons, don't bother with Espace Europea. Nothing special there. You probably have the same kind of macarons in NY. If you want to try the "best" here, Point G has a lot of fans... I personally don't like them.

      If you're interested in other kind of pastries, I'd recommend Pâtisserie Rhubarbe. Fine pastries ALMOST like the one you can find in Paris, without the pretension.

      Olive et Gourmando
      351 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest, Montreal, QC , CA

      2029 Rte Du Carrefour Val Des, Val-Des-Monts, QC J0X, CA

      Mamie Clafoutis
      1291 Avenue Van Horne, Outremont, QC , CA

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      1. re: Glaff

        I agree with patati-patata over la banquise

        1. re: kpaxonite

          Im not crazy for either frankly...

          P-P has an olivey like taste going on with their sauce that I'm not crazy about.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I don't think you'll be disappointed with either Bombay Mahal, Curry & Naan or Sana on Jarry street, if you're in the mood for Indian and especially butter chicken. Please report back and share your experiences in our fair city.

            1. I'm not sure how popular these places are, which ones do you guys suggest I try to make reservations for?

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              1. re: daffyduck

                I will surely have to make reservation for the following :

                Pied de Cochon : YES. as soon as possible
                Kaza Maza : YES, on the same day or the day before.
                Cinquieme Peche : YES.
                DNA: YES
                Toque : YES
                Joe Beef : YES
                Lemeac : YES if the weather will be nice and want to eat on the terrasse.
                Lawerence: The don't take reservation.
                Holder: YES, same day or the day before
                Garde Manger: YES as soon as possible

                For the bakery, it's GUILLAUME not, Guillanne (buns aux pommes and pastries)

                Joe Beef
                2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

                1. re: Maximilien

                  Please note that when SO and I arrived without a reservation, we had difficulty being seated even though we were there early. The owner advised us that Lawrence takes reservations for dinner, but NOT for the weekend brunches.

                  1. re: Bwitch

                    Yes, make sure you reserve at Lawrence, unless you had planned to eat brunch there.