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ISO gluten free cake

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I've been looking around for a gluten-free bakery that might be able to make a small cake for our wedding next June... but I can't find any gluten-free bakeries at all here in Montreal. I'm a fairly decent baker, but I can't decorate cakes at all.
Any suggestions - for both g-free bakeries generally and for cakes specifically - would be very much appreciated.
Thanks for your help!

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  1. Hiya, check out these links for some ideas. Good luck!

    Gluten Free Montreal?

    Gluten Free Traveling in Canada
    - if you search for the word "cake" on this page there are a few options

    Montreal Eats

    1. Not sure if they make wedding cakes but I've had a few very tasty things from Mi & Stu (www.miandstu.com).

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        Mi & Stu's bakery in Mile End is now open (also mentioned earlier in 2012 Openings) - there's a nice review here:


        Their products are also free of dairy and nuts in addition to being gluten-free. A good addition to the city for those with allergies/intolerances and other dietary concerns.

      2. I've never tried them, but I saw this through some friend's facebook recently. Decoration looks pretty awesome :


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          1. Le Petit Fourneau on Rachel makes wonderful pastries for food intolerances. They have a gluten-free chocolate raspberry cake, for example and many others. http://lepetitfourneau.com/