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Jul 31, 2011 02:30 PM

Wing Wednesday chowdown at Sneaky BBQ / Rebel bar [San Francisco]

Mmm, wings. 'Hounds met for Wing Wednesday at Sneaky's BBQ: 30 wings for $19 (was it really that cheap? wingmen & wingwomen, please correct me) with a choice of sauces, and the rest of their full BBQ menu is available.

Five of us we chowed 2 x 30 wings and a three-meat plate, at $22/person for an awful lot of good meat and drinks.

They smoke then fry their (unbattered) wings, leaving the meat moist but the skin with some crisp edges. You can ask for them tossed in one of their sauces: vinegary BBQ, spicy vinegary BBQ, a creamier BBQ sauce, a mustardy sauce, and a fairly unidimensional habanero sludge that was delicious mixed with some blue cheese dressing. The wings are flavorful enough on their own, so I'm glad we ordered them plain with a selection of sauces on the side for dipping.

The BBQ has been reported on here before, so briefly: pork belly was charred and delicious; brisket was OK but somewhat dry; and pulled pork was meaty, not too sweet, and not too saucy. The side of collards was a treat, and I liked the cornbread with a shmear of their sweet and sour jalapeno relish.

Service was scattered but friendly. Smaller portions of wings are available at equally good prices on Wednesdays, and at higher prices on other days of the week.

Thanks, Melanie, for organizing.

Sneaky's BBQ
1760 Market Street, San Francisco, CA

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  1. The wings were the highlight for me at Sneaky's. They were meaty, crispy, and juicy. None of the sauces did much for me. The bleu cheese was the perfect accompaniment. Order them plain and just dip away. The 'cue was solid but not worth a special trip. I liked the pulled pork; plenty moist and flavorful and the pork belly was as decadent as you might expect. A few bites was plenty. The collards were noteworthy, cooked down to tender but not over-done.
    Good people-watching with a typically eclectic SF crowd. Thanks hounds for a fun meal.

    1. Three years later . . . Sneaky's moved out of Rebel some time ago and we've been missing the wings the most.

      Found out too late to check it out tonight, Sneaky's is popping up on Mondays at The Residence and is offering the wings again alongside barbecue.