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Jul 31, 2011 02:10 PM

Need Recs for Portugal odyssey--Lisbon, Evora, Marvao, Manteigas, and Sintra

Will be in Portugal and would like some good recommendations for the cities above. Some combination of tradtional as well as more hip and modern. Also will do some touring around Evora and Sintra, so if anyone knows some good restaurants in the surrounding countyside would appreciate that too.

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  1. Lisbon, Sintra & Evora have all been well covered on this board. Marvao and Manteigas are very pretty villages, well worth the visit, but possibly not the best for hip! There is a list of traditional restaurants in Marvao there: None seem to stick out.
    In Manteigas, the restaurant in "Albergaria Berne" has a good reputation for local food.
    Please report on these 2 towns!