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Jul 31, 2011 01:40 PM

Any waterfront resto recos in TO??

Am I missing something? I'm really surprised to not find any posts for waterfront restaurants in TO... Was in the Caribbean recently and miss that on the beach dining experience. Not expecting to feel the sand under my toes while I dine, just looking for some decent food close to the water downtown... Thank you.

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  1. Pickings are fairly slim, Toronto is most definitely not a beach town. There are a few longstanding patio restaurants along the Harbourfront strip along the front of the Queen's Quay Terminal at the foot of York. Most are nondescript. The Il Fornello is probably the best of the bunch. Pizza, pasta, and similar Italian food that is reasonable but not super exciting.

    A newly opened option further east in the Corus Entertainment building at Queen's Quay and Jarvis beside Sugar Beach is the Against the Grain Urban Tavern. It has a beautiful patio and a decent beer selection. The pub is part of the FAB Concepts group of pubs, which includes places like the Foggy Dew, the Pour House and the Mill St Brewpub, so it's not fine dining by any stretch, but they seem to be trying. On my one visit we tried three apps, two were excellent and one was pretty terrible, so I guess it's hit and miss. And a bit pricey. But I'd say the beautiful patio by the newest part of the waterfront makes it worth a visit.

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      Thanks for your response. Went to Against the Grain... food was decent, service wasn't great but I got what I wanted - a view of the water. Also, love the location and setting at Lusso, but not crazy about the food... Still not sure why Toronto doesn't have more and better offerings by the water.. Guess it must be the seasonal thing. Any idea if the lounge area at Polson Pier is still operating? They used to have some great modern, tented lounges along the edge... Again, another case of lousy food, but spectacular view and relaxing setting.

    2. Not Tornoto, but Spencers on the Waterfront in Burlington is a great restaurant. The do a great Sunday brunch. Breakfast items are served buffet style, and 3-4 lunch/brunch items are served made to order, e.g. prime rib, lamb rack, salmon steak, etc. Location overlooks Burlington Bay and the food is pretty good too. It was recently written up in the Toronto Star as one of the best waterfront restaurants in the GTA.