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Jul 31, 2011 01:23 PM

The Orleans Inn....pleasant surprise!

Stopped on a whim for lunch while driving through town. Sought out the outdoor deck on the lower level and found a large expanse with tables spread out instead of the usual cramped quarters of a waterfront joint with a deck. At first it was quite warm under the large awning that covers the whole deck, but soon a slight breeze kicked up and we were as comfortable as can be. The view of Town Cove is wonderful and it was fun to dine while watching the many sailboats and waterskiers, kayakers, and the like. The real surprise, was the food, while nothing fancy, was really quite excellent and very reasonable for a waterfront locale. DW had a cup of chowder ($4) that was tasty. Not the best ever, but far better than many. She followed that with a chicken salad sandwich and seasoned fries ($8) which had a huge mound of chix salad on a grilled bun. I had the lobster salad (same price as a roll at $16) The salad was nothing special with just romaine, a few red onions and grape tomatoes, but the lobster was quite excellent and a huge portion. No filler with just a bit of mayo. Some meat was shredded which I'm usually not a fan of, but there were also plenty of chunks. Tasted tender and fresh picked, and again the portion was very generous. Great bloody marys ($5.50) rounded out the meal. Service was pleasant an defficient and cute as a button! What a pleasant experience from start to finish and so satisfying to not feel like the place is trying to squeeze every dollar possible from its patrons. Recommended!

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  1. Thanks, CCG. Haven't been there in years, but now I will go. Yes, the view can't be beat!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation CapeCodGuy. Had some business in Orleans today and figured we'd give the Inn a shot for lunch. It was all that you described. I was quite surprised to see how busy this place (the back deck) was on a monday @ 12:30, but we were able to snatch last table.

      I had the berry berry salad and the seafood cakes, my wife got a side salad and the chicken salad sandwich, and our son ordered the sirloin strip with mashed potatoes and asparagus. All meals were great and reasonably priced. Only small quibble was that my wife's side salad was more like a caesar salad (with a light vinagrette dressing) than a side salad.

      Service was spot on. And a nice light breeze and a sunny day helped to make this a perfect lunch on the Cape.

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      1. re: kneerobber

        I must say I am very disappointed in this restaurant. My friend told me they charged a local women over $7,000 for an after funeral lunch for about 50 people. The lunch was nothing special (chicken and pork) but did have open beer and wine. Still even a'la'carte the event should have been half that amount at most. Sounds like they took advantage of someone's grief. I will never go there again.

        1. re: JayCT

          I worked in Orleans many years ago and used to go to the Orleans Inn on occasion, but admittedly haven't been there in quite some time. While the funeral lunch charge does seem outrageous, I do have to wonder about the bar tab. It's entirely possible that the guests took full advantage of the open bar.

          1. re: lisaonthecape

            I also wonder what the entire story is, Jay...I am not suggesting your story is not true but it's here say really and such info really can discredit a business. I personally prefer sharing personal information of this they say in Antigua "respect" ...I have never been to OI and quite frankly, have no interest. I do love Sir Crickets nearby and JoMamma's (which by the way is opening a new branch in Brewster)...

            1. re: phelana

              We had our daughters wedding reception at the Orleanns Inn in 2008. The dinner charge for 75 prople was approximately $6000. We had an open bar for four hours which included all alcohol in addition to beer and wine for a flat $3000. The dinner by the way was great .........pork carving station, salads,choice of, a chicken dish and a fish dish..........and great deserts. So our total cost was under $10,000.
              It seems to me that the story Jay got about the $7000 lunch has been spun a little..................especially since his open bar was only beer and wine.

              1. re: johng58

                $140 per head for lunch with unlimited beer and wine? I'm having a tough time believing that.

                A caveat to my original recomendation to the OI. It's a very worthwhile stop if one can eat downstairs in the covered waterfront deck. The food it good for the location, but i wouldn't make a stop there if one had to stay inside the regular dining room. Does seems like a decent place for a function however.

                1. re: johng58

                  So you paid $9,000 for 75 people? That works out to $120 per person. Sorry but I plan events for professional organizations I belong to and that is just outragous even with full open bar. $40 per person for an open bar? $80 per person for food. You realize that their a'la carte items are in th emid to upper $20's. Sorry to say that I am not spinning anything. Jay

                  1. re: JayCT

                    Don't know where you plan events Jay.......but on the Cape weddings for $75 a person is not out of the ordinary..........unless Jay you like to have your wedding reception at the local Masonic Hall or the elks Club.

                    1. re: johng58

                      We are not talking a wedding here. And I am not really questioning the food price as much as the combined price for food and beer. $7,000 for a 2 hour lunch after a funeral is insane. Jay

                      1. re: JayCT

                        My last 2 hour lunch there, including beer and wine, costs me about $50 for 3 people. Seemed fair to me.

                        1. re: CapeCodGuy

                          That is fair at about $17 per person. But they charged $140 per person for this lunch. That is what is so ridiculous about it. Jay

                            1. re: CapeCodGuy

                              They didn't??? Simple math says it is so. How can you question that? Jay

                              1. re: JayCT

                                One has to accept and believe in the claim of a $7000 charge. I don't. Now, if you told me they had private use of the dining room or deck for two hours, resulting in a $5000 fee for the room and $2000 for the lunch, I would find that credible.

                                And even if I did believe that the number isn't highly inflated, the blame falls on the person who booked a function without asking a price, funeral luncheon or no. And frankly, that too, is not believable.