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Jul 31, 2011 12:26 PM

Peeling a saturn peach?

The saturn (or donut) peaches here are really tasty this year. So I was thinking of putting some up - maybe quartered, maybe in jam. But I would need to peel them. And while peeling a regular peach can be a pain (esp. the quantity for jam), how is peeling a saturn peach? Where does one put the little "x" before dipping in boiling water? Does the skin slip off as easily from a saturn peach?

Anyone have any experience here? (Apologies in advance if this seems like a dumb or really obvious question.)

Thanks for the advice.

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  1. Do the "X" at the bottom (or base) of the peach. Dip in gently boiling water. Skin slips off like a cheap hooker's garter.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Well, I know that for regular peaches. But it doesn't seem clear to me there is a "bottom" on the saturn peach. It's more like two "stem" ends, if you know what I mean, since the pit sort of meets (not sure how to describe it). So do I just make the x somewhere on it?

      And I wish the skins would always slip off as easily as a cheap hooker's garter! ;) heeheehee

      1. re: LNG212

        Take a look at the pic below (not mine)

        Find the flat bottom part (usu. opposite end of the stem side), and do the X there.

        Hope that makes sense. Good luck.

    2. As mentioned on the current peach pie thread, the Messermeister serrated swivel peeler makes peach-peeling a delight. In the case of the oddly-contoured saturns, it would probably be best to slice them off the pit, then run the peeler down the wedges.