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Peterborough and the Kawarthas

With all the restaurants and shops fighting over business from the Students, Residents, Part Timers, and Vacationers, Peterborough and area has a surprisingly active and good food scene.

Thought we should start a new thread to update the DOs and DON'T's.

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  1. Great new burger joint just opened in the west end (1840 Landsdowne Street West - in the plaza next to No Frills).

    The Apollo Grill has moved out of the Montreal House into a shiny new location and resurrected the legendary Royal Burger. Tried it yesterday and have to say, hands down, it's the best burger in Peterborough. Rings and fries are very good too.

    The burger falls a little short of the old MoHo version though. Maybe the flat top isn't as hot or maybe it just hasn't seasoned yet, but the "crust" wasn't as good. Hopefully time will make things even better...

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      I agree! Consistent, delicious, super fresh and great prices!

    2. BTW As a little history, many good spots were already covered in a previous thread :


      but I wanted to mention another fantastic find. At the Peterborough Farmers market on Saturday, there is a little booth selling simple tacos made with real fresh made corn tortillas. The flavor and texture are incredible. The masa (corn dough) is also available to purchase.

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        Riverhouse Co. in Lakefield has impressed me on three separate visits, two being last summer and the most recent one last week. My DH and I shared an appetizer of king crab and micro greens strewn over an avocado half. For mains, I had the venison tenderloin with a wild blueberry sauce, sided with small savoury French toasts with cambozola and basil sandwiched in between with a handful of dainty green beans. It was decadent and delicious. DH had a very generous portion of rack of lamb (from New Zealand, I believe), smashed new potatoes and the same green beans as on my plate. We enjoyed a very nice bottle of wine as well. I can't remember the name, but it was very reasonably priced and not a bottle I recognized from the LCBO.

      2. Lakefield now has Neapolitan Pizza !!

        Kazabella has opened and their wood fired oven is cranking out authentic Neopailtan style pizza. Christine, the pizza chef / owner has done her homework, trained with a pizza chef, and installed a medium sized hardwood heated 750C+ pizza oven. The dough is house made with Caputo OO resulting in light fluffy charred goodness.

        No pepperoni to be seen on the menu, but pizzas are available with spicy sausage, prosciutto, or pancetta. Limited menu with a handful of great pizzas, one salad (Caprese), Bruschetta, one soup, and a Gelato for desert. I tried the standard Margherita and it was excellent (they also have a Margherita with Bufala Mozzarella but unfortunately they were out). Went in very hungry and the small (approx 8") was very filling and only $10. Licensed with beer and wine.

        Done Terroni, Libretto and Queen Margherita (plus many in NYC and Naples). This ranks second in Ontario just behind QM IMHO. Fairly busy on a Wednesday night and everyone there was making positive comments.

        PS This is definitely NOT take out pizza. It must be enjoyed right out of that blast furnace of an oven, so plan on eating it there.

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          Thanks PoppiYYZ for starting this thread! I too have tried and enjoyed Kazabella -- my only complaint is that the 8:30 closing time means that they're not open late enough to linger and order another bottle of wine.

          Looking forward to some good exchanges on the local food scene, including sourcing ingredients and such. One thing I've had trouble finding a consistent supply of is corn tortillas so I'm glad you mentioned the place in the market that sells masa dough, but does anyone know where you can find a tortilla press in Peterborough?

        2. Gotta tell you about Captain George's at 91 George Str N - a family style joint that is cranking out some good food. Kind of a Greek / Fish and Chip combo place with fantastic fish and chips, excellent battered scallops and shrimps, and decent salads. I went in reluctantly the first time but have been back repeatedly.

          They break down their own halibut and batter to order (other fish is available too). Decent Greek salad (has lettuce but uses a home made dressing), very good Caesar, and a fantastic huge grilled Mediterranean Salad. The small salads are a good size, and you can get 6 plump grilled shrimp or a proper grilled chicken breast (no nukes here) for about 9 bucks.

          Nuthin fancy, but mostly scratch made (fries and rings are bought in, but good), reasonably priced, and very good. Give it a try.

          1. I remember a restaurant being redone for the TV show "Restaurant Makeover". I think it was Karma's Cafe. Is it still in business, and is it any good?
            Inquiring minds need to know!

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              Yup, Karma's is still in business, and still worth a visit.

              1. re: orphish

                Thanks! I'm just down the road and I must confess, I've been intrigued. Sounds like its time for a road trip!

                1. re: freia

                  Karma's has added a second room to the restaurant which is quite austere, so be sure to make a reservation and specify a table in the renovated section (the window table is for two). That guy can cook, get the sampler appetizer to share.

                  1. re: PoppiYYZ

                    Thanks for the tip! I'm going to make time for this in the next couple of weekends! I appreciate it :)

            2. Time for a wintertime update for places in the Lakefield/Bridgenorth area.

              Many places are on winter hiatus or on abbreviated seasonal schedules. Maple Moon is open Thursday to Sunday. Revolution BBQ is re-opening January 24 (!). Kazabella is looking rather derelict and is either history or has made a poor job of letting folks know when they'll be back at it. The bakery on the main drag is still rockin' it with fresh cinnamon buns and other tasty treats.

              Out Bridgenorth way, the KFC is open again after a short break to start the new year (that's Kawartha Fried Chicken, y'all). Tequila's (in the old Wimpy's space) is gone and replaced with something called the Red & White Diner.

              Now, I'm not much missing Tequila's after they served me microwaved chicken wings that we're still cold/frozen in the middle. But Red & White managed to out do them in a short sad visit earlier this week.

              I faced up to a plate full of baby carrots that were nuked to some weird consistency and re-heated roast beef that had that characteristic curl of something irradiated for too long. Lots of gravy couldn't hide the weird funk of meat gone bad. Sorry guys, but I can get leftovers at home and at least I know enough not to serve myself something that doesn't look/smell right and is gonna leave me reeling and puking. Major fail.

              The french fries were good, but if you're gonna repeatedly refill that Heinz ketchup bottle coz it looks so iconically sexy, at least wash the carmelized goo out of the lids once in a while. Ick.

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              1. re: wiggy.

                Thanks wiggy,

                Shame about Kazabella. There is still stuff inside, but with the signs covered up and no notice of return, my guess is that she's gone. Too bad, I kinda liked it.

                Tried to stop into Ralph's Butcher in Norwood again yesterday on the way back from Ottawa. After repeated unsuccessful attempts to find them open (they were closed Mondays, holidays, or whatevers), the place was finally open. But, bad luck continued. Dumpy place had basically nothing to offer. They are closing for a month or two and had no inventory...

                On a happier note ! As a result of Ralph's ongoing bad luck, stopped into Franz's butcher on Landsdown. Tried their London Broil (flank steak stuffed with seasoned ground pork) and it was excellent. Also tried their thick cut house smoked bacon - it's fantastic. At 7.99 a pound, this bacon is better than other "gourmet" bacon I've had in the States costing double or even triple. It was outrageous sprinkled on a Caesar salad. Give them both a try.

                1. re: PoppiYYZ

                  Walked by Kazabella earlier today and I suspect some sort of re-opening. The sign over the porch was gone for a while, and it's now back, and under the wrapping you can see that it's different colour (bright red) than the old sign. Under the wrapping of the sign on the line you can see matching bright red. So, either Kazabella has picked a new colour scheme for re-opening, or somebody else is taking over. The anticipation is high... The Loon REALLY needs some competition.
                  Thanks for the tip on Franz's. I haven't been there in ages. I'm finding the prices a bit much (especially on lamb!) at Flannigan's.
                  Has anyone eaten at Cassis recently? I haven't gone back since a series of disappointing meals last year, but Riverhouse was fully booked tonight.

                  1. re: orphish

                    Never been to Cassis. Tried getting in a couple of times and got some very serious attitude. That, plus mediocre reviews from others = a Riverhouse reservation.

                    Speaking of lamb however...

                    There are a few good local farmers raising lamb. I only buy lamb direct from them. Half a lamb packaged is about 25 - 30 lbs at $4-5/lb. Use the Kawartha Choice website and "Find Local Products" link, then filter for lamb. Great source for local chicken, turkey, eggs, and excellent maple syrup...


                    1. re: PoppiYYZ

                      One of the maple syrup sellers at the Ptbo Farmers Market - family by the name of Staples - was the champion syrup maker at the Royal Winter Fair 2-3 years ago. They also sell at the farm gate off Hwy. 7 in Cavan. Mmmm.

                      For sausage I'm still liking King St. Market. Good bacon and butcher, too.

                      1. re: wiggy.

                        Maple Drive Farms just east of Lakefield won the 1st Place Maple Syrup Ribbon under the category "Medium grade" at the 2009 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. They usually sell out of their best grade quickly, so plan on buying in the Spring.

                        Must be some good maple trees around here...

              2. I've had great luck at RiverHouse Co in Lakefield, Rare Steakhouse (Get the bone marrow!), and Viamede on Stoney Lake.

                Viamede's great because, if you're willing to make the drive, the Inn at Mount Julian is a great fine dining option, and then head to the Pub for drinks. Lots of locals too, so it's a fun place.

                It's also one of the few places in the area that offers a tasting menu.

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                1. re: PTBOGourmet

                  Viamede was featured on Restaurant Makeover. Been to there once for lunch and it was meh, but I'll have to give it a try again.

                  1. re: PoppiYYZ

                    I hear that a lot, although there was a change of ownership last year, so maybe new owners, better service?

                    When were you there?

                    1. re: PTBOGourmet

                      It was last summer, maybe June(?).

                      Try the Old Mill in Youngs Point when it opens again this summer. Dumpy place, but with a deck on the water and great food.

                      1. re: PTBOGourmet

                        The new owner is really making changes.......... We're going to check it out soon.

                        1. re: kawarthagirl

                          Old Mill in Young's Point has new owners again. Same menu but no liquor license as of yet. Found the food last year had slipped, but will try again soon.

                          Old Mill's previous owners have opened a new restaurant, called Island Grill, in the Burleigh Island Lodge (which is still closed). It's a big space, and hopefully they can make something of it.

                          1. re: PoppiYYZ

                            Finally got to Island Grill. Wow was it bad !

                            I wont say the Pizza is made from packaged crust, BUT I will say that is exactly what it tasted like ! Don't get fooled by the nice looking wood burning pizza oven...

                            Wings are on special for 70 cents each (!) on Tuesday nights. They are heavily breaded almost to the point of being battered. Regular price is a whopping $14 for 12 !! Edible but not worth the bucks or calories.

                            Lots of good stuff on the menu, so I'll try it again, but avoid the pizza and wings.

                            BTW, hire a kid for 10 bucks an hour to sweep up the hundreds of butts strewn over the patio edge. Common guys, show some pride.

                            1. re: PoppiYYZ

                              Oh, too bad! We're planning to go for dinner there soon. On the wings 'special' -- this seems to be the new standard. The Loon in Lakefield used to have 45 cent wings on Thursday, but it's now 'buy one pound get one free'. They're 10.99 a pound, and you get 8 wings for a pound. Not a great deal, and they're not very good wings.
                              Has anyone tried the current Old Mill at Young's Point?

                              1. re: orphish

                                Give the Island Grill a try. They have a Banh Mi, Buffalo Shrimp (fried shrimp in wing sauce, I asked them to do this when they were at the Old Mill, so maybe it stuck !), and the famous Steak Sandwich. Avoid the pizza though.


                                The "New" Old Mill is next on my list. Likely this weekend.

                                1. re: PoppiYYZ

                                  Stella's Eclectic Edibles very near Burleigh Falls, although a food truck has fabulous food. Excellent homemade burgers and roast beef on a bun. Lots of other selections on the menu. Outside patio and friendly staff make it worth a stop.

                                  1. re: MargieEv

                                    Thanks ME,

                                    Great tip, but I've never noticed it.

                                    Where is it exactly ? On 28 ? North or south of Burleigh Falls ?

                                    1. re: PoppiYYZ

                                      Yes, Hwy 28 just a few km. ?NE (I am directionally challenged) of Burleigh Falls. A friend just reminded me about how delicious their peameal bacon on a bun is. Also great fries.

                  2. Lakefield's woodburning pizza place is showing a "For Lease" sign. Doesn't appear there's any action imminent. Maple Moon on the bend in the road is closed down and that building is also for lease. Revolution BBQ is open again (Thu-Sun) after their winter break and they now have a liquor license. Beer and ribs. Mmmm. Lakefield Bakery still making delicious cinnamon buns.

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                    1. re: wiggy.

                      The pizza place did re-open briefly as "Nero's Joy" (same owner, new self-service model and lower prices) but it was very short lived -- maybe 2 weeks. It is indeed for lease, so let's hope someone makes a go of it.

                      1. re: wiggy.

                        Just curious ...What kind(s) of beer? . I told them they needed some tasty micro brews in there to complete the place.

                        1. re: testid

                          I've not been into the place since they acquired their liquor license, so I couldn't say what they have on for beer. I'm hoping they put forward some interesting stuff, but I also understand that can be tough economically, because it's simply easier to sell the big 5-6 brands. I'd be content even if they went with a couple of decent micros alongside the usual suspects.

                          1. re: testid

                            Micro beers don't do anything for me. However, a real CASK beer would have me stopping in much more frequently !

                            After going to Ritz Deli North 2-3 times a month for years, I've only been back a couple of times since they dropped their CASK ESB beer...

                        2. Can't say enough about Franz's thick cut, house smoked bacon.

                          Karrie is using it at the Riverhouse in Lakefield, and I know I mentioned it as a Caesar ingredient, but using it on a Spinach Salad and in the Dressing is mind blasting (and mind blasting is good!!).

                          Also tried Franz's hot smoked salmon (I think the un-spiced maple smoked) and although it was expensive, it was fantastic with scrambled eggs and next day with a Caesar salad lunch.

                          Regulations are making it tough for these small guys to smoke in house, so enjoy it while it lasts...

                          1. I'm sad to say that after being open for six months, I finally visited Le Petit Bar on Water at Hunter and it was excellent !!

                            The place is small with communal high top tables along with more private booths and side tables. Tried the small charcuterie with fantastic pork rillettes, delicious herb sausage, cheeses and other very tasty accompaniments (like dressed greens, excellent cornichons, house made mustard, bread and oilives). Good music, attentive service, nice selection of wines, specialty cocktails with house made bitters (!), and very reasonable prices.

                            Le Petit Bar is definitely worth a visit soon for an after work drink, pre-entertainment appetizer, or relaxing lighter dinner.

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                            1. re: PoppiYYZ

                              I agree with you 100%. Le Petit Bar is a gem. Curious, have you tried Kettle Drums yet? I have yet to be disappointed with their pizza.

                              FYI, the bread served at Le Petit Bar/St. Veronus is house-made. They sell it to the public every Wednesday at Sympathy for the Rebel, the clothing shop a couple of units south of Le Petit Bar on Water. Also, I learned recently that the Asian store across from Goodies on George brings in Chinese food from Toronto every Thursday including roast duck and steamed pork buns. I haven't yet gone myself but have heard from friends.

                              1. re: foodinspace

                                Did Kettle Drums. Found it very average. A little too much effort in trying to make stuff "look" a certain way and not enough attention to actually making the food taste like anything. The horseradish that accompanied had a great freshly grated off the root appearance, but was utterly bland. Horseradish bland? Not in my universe. Some disconnects in terms of flavours as well - sweet potato mash as a side to prime rib shouldn't taste like pie filling. The prime rib should come to the table better than cool in temperature, because otherwise it was a decent piece of meat. Gravy was as tasteless as the horseradish and the yorkshire pudding was inedible enough that I abandoned it - it couldn't be rescued by that flavourless jus. Got lucky on my third attempt at making a selection from the beer menu as the others were not available.

                                <sigh> Great patio though, and nicely done up in the main dining area, too. But it should really be about the food . . .

                            2. Bumping this thread - am heading to the Bancroft area sometime in the next couple of weeks for a few days. Interested in one or two chow stops along the way, ideally a lunch/coffee spot within 60-90 minutes of Toronto on the way there and then a snack/lunch/coffee spot within an hour or so of Bancroft on the way home. I'm not too familiar with this area but assume we'll be driving to Peterborough and north on 28 from there. Not sure who's open this time of year and would prefer not to go into Peterborough. Thanks!

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                              1. re: peppermint pate

                                Elmhirst Resort is just south of Peterborough but has a great farm (literally) to table menu. They keep their own cattle, ducks, and chickens and they have a fairly extensive garden. Last time I was there they had foraged a giant hen of the woods mushroom in the morning and we had it with our diner that night. They have a pub that is open at lunch and diner and a fine dining room that is open in the evening. Great wine list and nice selection of beer but you're driving so that doesn't help much.

                                1. re: ComerDemonio

                                  Really ? Guess that's why we have Chowhound !

                                  Thanks for the tip. Love checking out the Lang Pioneer Village and Steam Show (just the little boy in me), and a nice lunch afterwards will be great !

                              2. Wow. Goodies on George International Market with lots of Indian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern items.

                                A small shop with very hard to find items like Mexican queso fresco, real chorizo, paneer and halloumi cheeses, hard to find hot sauces (including El Yucateco !!), treats from Arz (!!!), and other treasures that will save a supply run to Toronto...

                                It's like a mini trip to Kensington Market AND Lawrence Ave !

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                                1. re: PoppiYYZ

                                  No way! Thanks for that info. I drive past that place all the time and there was nothing about the storefront that makes me want to go in so I never have. But now I will!

                                  1. re: Nyleve

                                    What is the address of that shop? Would love to go!!

                                    1. re: bluespace

                                      Goodies on George, 429 George Street North, at Brock, just south of Sapporo Japanese Buffet.

                                2. Primal Cuts butcher on Landsdown.

                                  90 day (!!!) in house dry aged Ribeye steaks (Sirloin also available), thick cold smoked bone on Birkshire pork chops, and boar chorizo. All amazing !! Can you believe this ?!?

                                  They also have foix gras, smoked bacon, charcuterie, and much more. A small shop with great staff and products.

                                  Plan your next special grill now and get Ye to this shop...

                                  1. Owners of the Ritz Deli North (RIP, soon to be a vegetarian restaurant) have opened Ashburnham Ale House on Hunter on the east side of the river. Similar menu to RDN, but expanded. Nice sandwiches, pizza, and a variety of mains.

                                    Outside seating is nice, but the sound inside is deafeningly loud and harsh. Only open a week or so, so give them some time to work out the bugs with the mostly young and inexperienced staff.

                                    Of note : CASK beer is back in Ptbo !! Chocolatly and dark local Olde Stone ESB currently on tap.

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                                    1. re: PoppiYYZ

                                      Tried it out a couple of days ago and have to agree, they need a little time to get their act together. I get the sense they're just simply overwhelmed by their early popularity.

                                      Kick ass food (beefy meat pie w/salad), but it was 10 minutes shy of an hour getting to the table and I was on the verge of giving up and bailing out for lack of attention. Had a chair break apart under me on the patio. Great patio though.

                                      I <suspect> they have a more than decent beer selection judging by a quick peek at the taps and the cooler, but staff are clearly not up on what they are serving. A simple little disposable beer list would resolve the issue in a heartbeat, and should be a fairly obvious thing to do (i.e. this is a first step, folks, I'm sure you have a computer and a printer somewhere) if you're planning to sell yourself as a beer place.

                                      And yeah, deafeningly loud inside. The din was incredible. I'm hopeful, but I was looking to chill after work and left totally p*ssed off at being so thoroughly mishandled - got all of 20% off on my excessively late $13 meal and a "Sorry 'bout that". No, I was not mollified.

                                      Will drop by again in a couple weeks and see what's jelled.

                                      1. re: wiggy.

                                        Ha, ha, Wiggy,

                                        I felt like I was being harsh on them, but you let them have both barrels ! Ritz Deli North was small with much of the food preprepred, this is a big step up.

                                        Of the large number of servers milling about, I did recognise one experienced server, but the rest looked very confused and unengaged. Cooks also looked very young and inexperienced. Bad "recipe" for a new restaurant....

                                        1. re: PoppiYYZ

                                          They have a decent spot and I like their beer concept. The food was decent - that meat pie was excellent, very flavourful - but they have a ways to go to get their act together. I don't have any doubt that they'll be able to pull it off over time. I'm actually looking forward to going again, not because I'm masochistic, but because I really do think they have an eventual winner there.

                                          Beer list, please! I'd have happily spent most of my wait ogling the beer and imagining what I was going to drink next.

                                          And I'm pretty sure that after such an intense opening week that the staff are on their way to becoming experienced. I'm hopeful that someone steps up and gives them a pep talk and then whips them into shape.

                                          1. re: wiggy.

                                            Back for another visit a couple of weeks ago. Had Coconut Chicken Curry. Decent, but not quite as good as the meat pie on my first visit.

                                            Still no beer list. Ordered but then decided to shoot out front and poke my nose into the fridge. Cancelled the beer order and reworked it on what I could see. Got a couple of good beers for my effort (but it would sure be nice to have a beer list. Hint. Hint.).

                                            Kickass patio, so lovin' that still and looking forward to another visit.

                                            1. re: wiggy.

                                              I've been through 4-5 times since my previous visit/posting and it looks like they're finally hitting their stride. They've got a proper beer list in place now and a decent enough selection to keep a beerhead properly amused. Found a couple of interesting offerings on the menu and service seems more consistent. Progress has been made, so it's worth a stop in if you're in this neck of the woods.

                                    2. 2013 Peterborough Ribfest this weekend :

                                      Picked up a 1/2 rack from each of the four rib vendors. Here are the "un"official results :

                                      4th place : Crabby's BBQ Shack - Lightly sauced, mild flavoured, salty, meat had a bit of a funk. VERY slow service. Summary : Bad.

                                      3rd place : Jack's - Smokiest of the bunch, nice chew, little under cooked.
                                      Summary : Pretty Good.

                                      Tied for !st place :
                                      Boss Hogs - Nice charred bark, tender but with good chew, tasty sweet red BBQ sauce. Summary : Excellent.
                                      Smoke House Bandit - Sticky sweet very tasty sauce, nice chew. Summary : Excellent

                                      I'm sure there is variation over the weekend, but Crabby's has been our last place choice every year since 2009. Boss Hogs has always been in the top of the pack.

                                      Now, go and get ye some ribs....

                                      1. Finally got around to trying Muddy's Pit BBQ in Keene (open since 2010 so I have been slouching on the job). It was great !

                                        Got the "Sampler" which has two ribs, portion each of Pulled Pork and Brisket, and a Smoked sausage. The sausage was the weakest (a little dry), the brisket was good with a nice bark, sticky sauced ribs were great, and the Pulled Pork was excellent. They have KC style BBQ (v good but a little cumin-y IMO) and a sweet heat Carolina mustard sauce that was fantastic (not overpoweringly vinegary).

                                        Lots of sides available too (coleslaw, salads, beans). Licensed with 2 drafts.

                                        Cozy southern style setting, open indoor and outside picnic table seating, friendly staff, gorgeous drive along County Rd 2...

                                        Destination spot. Beats the pants off the now closed Lakefield BBQ joint.

                                        1. "New" Old Mill in Young's Point : Played it safe (after the recent Island Grill "incident") and went with a burger and club sandwich. Burger was decent, and the side salad with house made balsamic dressing and pita chips was excellent. Club was solid with a subtle house made garlic mayo and the fries were great. House made bread pudding (!) was also great.

                                          Recommend being more adventurous with your order. Heard raves about the berry salad. Cordon Bleu for the wrap also made in house.

                                          Notice all the "house made" references ? Very much worth a visit.

                                          1. Well I hope it isn't so, but I wanted to give you all interested a heads up.

                                            Rumor (confirmed by a second source) has it the Karrie and Jeff of The Riverhouse in Lakefield may be moving away in a few months time. Unknown what the future plans will be for the restaurant, but it won't likely be good for us...

                                            You may want to get in for a meal or two fast.

                                            1. Have just tried Ariyana -- on George St. just south of Hunter St. WOW -- really good Afghan/Persian food, and what has to be Peterborough's best value in dining! Check out the menu here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ariyan...
                                              We tried a few things, including the minced beef kebab, chicken shwarma and the spinach-kidney bean- lamb stew. Everything was good but I thought the chicken shwarma was particularly more-ish.
                                              Not licenced, but a few tables for eat-in or waiting for takeout, and apparently they also cater, which is definitely something I'm going to keep in mind over the holidays.

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                                              1. re: orphish

                                                Still haven't tried Ariyana, but it is tops on my list. Love shwarma.

                                                Apollo Grill has just opened a new location downtown at George and Hunter. Very good burgers, fresh ground meat, reasonable prices ($5.50 single, and $7.99 double), and hand cut fries. Excellent potato buns supplied by East City Bakery are soft but have good body.

                                                BTW, new bakery Electric City on Sherbrooke has an amazing sourdough loaf...

                                              2. It it just my husband and I that think the burger at the Apsley Inn on HWY 28 is fantastic??! We have a cottage close by and struggle not to eat one every time we visit!

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                                                1. re: roostermom

                                                  What??? Who knew? I've eaten there once and the sandwich and salad I had were pretty lame. Our cottage is 10 minutes away, yet we never go to the Apsley Inn or the Swiss Bear.

                                                  What do you like so much about the burgers?

                                                  1. re: 1sweetpea

                                                    Homemade patty, not preformed. Big, juicy, traditional, old school. Try it, you won't regret it.
                                                    Fries are good, too. Where is your cottage? We are on Anstruther ....

                                                    1. re: roostermom

                                                      We are on Chandos. It's a 10km drive to Apsley. I'm in town regularly to shop or go to the library. Maybe we could have a periodic mini-meetup when we are both at our cottages. We tend to stay for 10 days at a time, since the drive each way is lengthy.

                                                      Have you been to the little cafe on 28? The owner is lovely. Baked goods come from the Apsley Bakery.

                                                      1. re: 1sweetpea

                                                        I'm not sure the cafe you are talking about? In the little plaza with the used book store where the laundromat used to be - across from TimberMart? Yes, a meetup could work. I will be spending a lot of this summer at the cottage since we finally got laundry and a dishwasher! We are also going up this weekend for Family Day ... brrr..

                                                        1. re: roostermom

                                                          That's the cafe I was talking about. Our cottaging season begins around Mother's Day and ends around Thanksgiving. We have a dishwasher, thankfully, but I haul our laundry home and back to the cottage each visit. Guests are asked to kindly bring their own sheets and bath towels.

                                                          Roostermom, are you planning to snowmobile or snowshoe from the road to your cottage? LOL. I can't imagine how much snow there must be there now. We have plenty here in Windsor.

                                                          I'm pretty sure my hotmail address is available on my profile page. Shoot me an email if you want to exchange contact details.

                                                          1. re: 1sweetpea

                                                            Our road is plowed and our neighbour has a snowblower and has cleared our driveway ... I will contact you closer to the summer! We only go up the one weekend in the winter then we keep the same schedule as you.

                                                2. New Thai place in Peterborough. Bualai Thai is a sister to the eponymous restos in Port Hope and Bowmanville. Don't look for it on the street (195 Simcoe St.) as it is buried back in the depths of Charlotte Mews in the site formerly occupied by Saporito's. That makes three or four of the sort in town now (would love to see more Vietnamese).

                                                  Decent enough chicken and shrimp soup, common fried spring rolls on my first visit. Verdict is still out. Generally good reviews for the original Port Hope site. Lunch specials in the neighbourhood of $10.