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Jul 31, 2011 05:41 AM

Peterborough and the Kawarthas

With all the restaurants and shops fighting over business from the Students, Residents, Part Timers, and Vacationers, Peterborough and area has a surprisingly active and good food scene.

Thought we should start a new thread to update the DOs and DON'T's.

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  1. Great new burger joint just opened in the west end (1840 Landsdowne Street West - in the plaza next to No Frills).

    The Apollo Grill has moved out of the Montreal House into a shiny new location and resurrected the legendary Royal Burger. Tried it yesterday and have to say, hands down, it's the best burger in Peterborough. Rings and fries are very good too.

    The burger falls a little short of the old MoHo version though. Maybe the flat top isn't as hot or maybe it just hasn't seasoned yet, but the "crust" wasn't as good. Hopefully time will make things even better...

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      I agree! Consistent, delicious, super fresh and great prices!

    2. BTW As a little history, many good spots were already covered in a previous thread :

      but I wanted to mention another fantastic find. At the Peterborough Farmers market on Saturday, there is a little booth selling simple tacos made with real fresh made corn tortillas. The flavor and texture are incredible. The masa (corn dough) is also available to purchase.

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        Riverhouse Co. in Lakefield has impressed me on three separate visits, two being last summer and the most recent one last week. My DH and I shared an appetizer of king crab and micro greens strewn over an avocado half. For mains, I had the venison tenderloin with a wild blueberry sauce, sided with small savoury French toasts with cambozola and basil sandwiched in between with a handful of dainty green beans. It was decadent and delicious. DH had a very generous portion of rack of lamb (from New Zealand, I believe), smashed new potatoes and the same green beans as on my plate. We enjoyed a very nice bottle of wine as well. I can't remember the name, but it was very reasonably priced and not a bottle I recognized from the LCBO.

      2. Lakefield now has Neapolitan Pizza !!

        Kazabella has opened and their wood fired oven is cranking out authentic Neopailtan style pizza. Christine, the pizza chef / owner has done her homework, trained with a pizza chef, and installed a medium sized hardwood heated 750C+ pizza oven. The dough is house made with Caputo OO resulting in light fluffy charred goodness.

        No pepperoni to be seen on the menu, but pizzas are available with spicy sausage, prosciutto, or pancetta. Limited menu with a handful of great pizzas, one salad (Caprese), Bruschetta, one soup, and a Gelato for desert. I tried the standard Margherita and it was excellent (they also have a Margherita with Bufala Mozzarella but unfortunately they were out). Went in very hungry and the small (approx 8") was very filling and only $10. Licensed with beer and wine.

        Done Terroni, Libretto and Queen Margherita (plus many in NYC and Naples). This ranks second in Ontario just behind QM IMHO. Fairly busy on a Wednesday night and everyone there was making positive comments.

        PS This is definitely NOT take out pizza. It must be enjoyed right out of that blast furnace of an oven, so plan on eating it there.

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          Thanks PoppiYYZ for starting this thread! I too have tried and enjoyed Kazabella -- my only complaint is that the 8:30 closing time means that they're not open late enough to linger and order another bottle of wine.

          Looking forward to some good exchanges on the local food scene, including sourcing ingredients and such. One thing I've had trouble finding a consistent supply of is corn tortillas so I'm glad you mentioned the place in the market that sells masa dough, but does anyone know where you can find a tortilla press in Peterborough?

        2. Gotta tell you about Captain George's at 91 George Str N - a family style joint that is cranking out some good food. Kind of a Greek / Fish and Chip combo place with fantastic fish and chips, excellent battered scallops and shrimps, and decent salads. I went in reluctantly the first time but have been back repeatedly.

          They break down their own halibut and batter to order (other fish is available too). Decent Greek salad (has lettuce but uses a home made dressing), very good Caesar, and a fantastic huge grilled Mediterranean Salad. The small salads are a good size, and you can get 6 plump grilled shrimp or a proper grilled chicken breast (no nukes here) for about 9 bucks.

          Nuthin fancy, but mostly scratch made (fries and rings are bought in, but good), reasonably priced, and very good. Give it a try.

          1. I remember a restaurant being redone for the TV show "Restaurant Makeover". I think it was Karma's Cafe. Is it still in business, and is it any good?
            Inquiring minds need to know!

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              Yup, Karma's is still in business, and still worth a visit.

              1. re: orphish

                Thanks! I'm just down the road and I must confess, I've been intrigued. Sounds like its time for a road trip!

                1. re: freia

                  Karma's has added a second room to the restaurant which is quite austere, so be sure to make a reservation and specify a table in the renovated section (the window table is for two). That guy can cook, get the sampler appetizer to share.

                  1. re: PoppiYYZ

                    Thanks for the tip! I'm going to make time for this in the next couple of weekends! I appreciate it :)