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Jul 31, 2011 05:28 AM

Best Barbecue in Greenville SC

Where can I find good Barbecue in Greenville

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  1. The consensus is Bucky's or Henry's. I lean toward henry's.I hear great things about Mike &jeff's but haven't been there.

    1. I would rank Buckeys on Roper Mountain Road. The Henery's on Wade Hampton. BUT I have had several well know chefs who I trust say Mike and Jeff's on Buncome road is great. I really need to try it but in 100 degree weather BBQ is not my first choice.

      1. I went to Mike N Jeffs today and it was great. I will be going back soon. I really like the meat and the sauces.

        1. Our favorite is Huntin' Camp BBQ north of Traveler's Rest on US 25 North. Best ribs we have had, maybe ever, and that includes 12 Bones here in Asheville. We stop for lunch on our way from Asheville to Greenville and then get takeout ribs on our way back home. I think everything else is fine but most of our attention is focused on the ribs. Family owned with very friendly and helpful service.

          Sounds as if we need to try Mike N Jeff's on one of the trips.

          1. You my humble estimation it does not exist. The closest is Henry's but that doesnt stack up with NC,Memphis, STL or KC.....

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              Oh please....there is plenty of great barbeque throughout the state of SC.

              1. re: LaLa

                I've yet to have any great bbq in G'ville either.