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Jul 31, 2011 04:57 AM

Northwest Indiana grocery stores

the grocery stores in northwest Indiana especially crown point are horrible. Attack and van till is a joke,most of the time the produce departments look like something that should be in a dumpster. Thank god for Costco, other than that we go to Illinois to Trader Joe or Whole Foods.

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  1. Here is a recommendation in Crown Point. I hope you find that its produce looks better than "something that should be in a dumpster".

    Amelia's Market
    10839 Randolph Street
    Crown Point, IN 46307
    (219) 661-1400

    If you're driving to Illinois from Crown Point, I can only assume that you're new to that area and haven't yet done any exploration. It's time to explore. Valparaiso is much closer to you than anywhere in Illinois that has a TJs or Whole Paycheck, and there are a number of stores that have produce that is better than "something that should be in a dumpster". And're in south Lake County. There are dozens of farm stands in your area. Take a drive and stop at a few. I bet you'll find produce better than "something that should be in a dumpster".

    I need to add that I somewhat agree with you about Strack & Van Til. They have very little competition in Lake County, and it shows in their prices and product selection. But not all S&VT stores are created equal. There's one on US41 in St. John. Check it out.

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      Believe me my husband and I travel the whole area, we have lived here over 20 years. The people around here settle for mediocre and the ones that do not go to the Chicago and the suburbs.

      1. re: Buddybilly

        In fact I find your statements very hard to believe. If you "traveled the whole area", you would know that Valparaiso is a mecca of sorts for foodies, that Berkshire/Kurobata pork is available in several markets southeast of you, and that OUTSTANDING produce is available at any number of farm stands east of you. And you don't even seem to know that one of the better grocery stores in the entire Chicago area (Amelia's) is in the town you live in! (To be fair, the store is technically in unincorporated Winfield, but it has a Crown Point zipcode.) Did you know that they also operate a cooking school?

        And from my experience, your statement about people settling for mediocre is FAR more true of those in the W/NW/N suburbs of Chicago than of those in NW Indiana. (FYI: I grew up in NWI, but have lived in DuPage County for a number of years).