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Jul 30, 2011 10:35 PM

In praise of new microwaves: Perfect performance from the "Popcorn" button.

The first button on the panel said "Popcorn"

I chuckled at first, then bought a six pack of popping product.

Pushed that button, It rotated, untended, it emerged perfect, with no unpopped kernels..

I'm an air popper for big gatherings of movietime
and the hot air chute keeps the feedbags flowing.

seems I'll be happy in "one bag" private times.

Do other CH's find similar delight?

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  1. I've got a 15+ year-old microwave that has always done a fine job with pre-packaged popcorn. I'll admit I do listen for the kernels to stop popping, but the m'wave timing almost always seems to be spot on.

    1. lol
      I love your posts, FoodFuser; I am a fan.

      I don't own a microwave, but the one we have in the office also has a "popcorn" does seem to do the trick!

      1. Office microwaves.
        Point of discussion
        and sometimes dissension.

        Office politics seem form agreement
        that lovers of sardines should eat them outside.

        Such consensus among those
        of un-Chowhounded nostrils
        moves to declarations
        of limits on microwave.

        A quart Mason jar
        with a dollop of miso paste
        and inserted ramen noodles
        and added spices
        and veggies

        Comes together quite well
        and under the radar range
        of the nasal appendages of the office kitchen Nazis.