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Jul 30, 2011 08:37 PM

Truck Stop (New corner of food trucks)

I was just walking and saw that the Truck Stop opened on the northwest corner of Beverly Blvd. and LaBrea. There are three trucks there now KOTACO, Lardon, and a Phillysteak truck.
I was talking to Chris the owner of the KOTACO and he said that they will be there again this coming Wednesday night and Saturday night. Both of these nights they are planning on having eight different trucks. Chris said that they are planning on doing lunch too.

I haven't eaten at any of these, but I hope to try them soon. Has anyone eaten at any of them?

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  1. Okay, so I have been a couple of times already. They have been on the corner of LaBrea and Beverly on Wednesday and Saturday nights for the last couple of weeks. There are eight trucks and they are not all the same.
    Tonight we had the shaved ice truck, which we were looking forward to, but didn't totally excite us. Had the root beer and didn't taste anything like root beer. The owner was very nice though, and I might try something else.
    We had shrimp po boys and those were very good. Husband had the banh mi, it was good, but it had a taste I didn't care for.

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      Which truck served shrimp po' boys?

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        That's just down the street from me. Hmm, gotta check it out. Was it busy last night? That's my pet peeve about food trucks. I hate standing in line for an hour for anything, much less food. Never understood the people standing in line for hours for a grilled cheese sandwich. But hey, that's just me.

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          I drove by last night. It was busy, but not mega huge lines. It was kinda weird though, it's at an old Valero station!! But they have tables and such...


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            It's busy, lines are a few minutes. Hopefully, they are going to rotate trucks, and will have a different selection on different days. There are table and chairs, but not enough.