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Seeking great indian grocery near Park Slope/Ditmas

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Well blow me down. Here I am in the middle of Bangladesh central and I can't find asafetida nor curry leaves. Anyone know a complete Indian grocer. Any recs in Sunset Park?

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  1. Patel Grocery on 4th Ave in Sunset Park is a small gujarati grocery with the basics, including curry leaves and asafoetida and a small stock of vegetables and desi dahi.

    In Kensington I like Bangla Nagar on Church, but they dont have curry leaves to my knowledge.
    Have you checked out the punjabi places down around Coney Island Ave and Newkirk?

    Bangla Nagar
    87 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218

    Patel Grocery
    5303 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

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      I'm hitting it tomorrow. Their hours are listed nowhere. Hope they're open on Sunday.

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        Patel is open on sunday. I hope you are in luck. I cant think of any other store in Bklyn that carries them. they would be in the cold case.