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Jul 30, 2011 04:33 PM

Wheelchair accessible special occasion restaurant?

Looking for a nice restaurant to celebrate a birthday with easy access via wheelchair. My mom broke her ankle and will only attend if she can be assured there will be no curb to navigate and a seating area without stairs. Maybe valet with a flat sidewalk, or a garage with an elevator?

Restaurant needs to accommodate a group of 8. Anywhere in the city of Seattle or on the Eastside is fine. I was thinking maybe Il Terrazzo Carmine, but can't remember if there's a ramp or just the stairs off the alley.

Il Terrazzo Carmine
411 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

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  1. How special and are you looking for a particular kind of food? Isn't every business built or remodeled with the last several (10? 20?) years required to be accessible? I guess I'd make a list of the places the birthday person would most like to go, then start calling around about access, while inquiring here about those particular places.

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      babette speaks well, grasshopper - from personal experience, i can tell you that there are few public accomodations that are not accessible but that they DO exist - so choose a place that you'd enjoy and call them to verify. if memory serves, il terrazzo carmine is fully accessible.

    2. I just read about how the building where Chez Shea is in installed an elevator so it can be wheelchair accessible. You can try there.

      Or, how about Palisade? I seem to recall there being steps but also a ramp to get into the restaurant and into the dining room. Same goes for Ray's (downstairs).

      Chez Shea
      94 Pike St. Suite 34, Seattle, WA 98101

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        Ray's has an elevator to the Cafe