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Jul 30, 2011 04:29 PM

Favorite/Best Pizza in Bedford/Billerica/Burlington Area

I've seen lots of threads discussing pizza in the Boston area, Cape Cod, etc. Bedford/Billerica/Burlington seems to be a quiet area that gets little mention. I'd love to hear from anyone who knows where one can enjoy really good pizza. Yesterday we got three pizzas for dinner from Stromboli's Express in Billerica. We got a Margarita's Inspiration (Tomato slices, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil & romano), a Salsiccia (sweet Italian Sausage with ricotta cheese & our tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese & romano), and a Texas pizza (Barbequed chicken & red onions with our combination of barbeque & tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese & romano). They were all okay, but the crust was a real disappointment. It was a thin, tough crust, too chewy and not flavorful at all. So I'm planning to check out other local pizza places, but would appreciate recommendations, opinions and suggestions on any place worth a visit.

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  1. For a basic pizza, I really like Louie's in Woburn.

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      i second louie's- ask for it well done -they run out of dough every night so call in your order for pick up to avoid disapointment. we are lucky to have it for our local pie option.

    2. Driving by Villa Franca on 3A in Burlington today, I noticed a sign saying they are expanding into the Fish House space next to the restaurant and will be offering seafood. A search shows that greygarious had posted this last month. We could smell the wood smoke from the brick oven. Anyone tried the pizza?

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        I've never been there. Though they are very different styles, I enjoy both New England Flatbread's pizza (Burlington/Bedford line) and Sal's Just Pizza, which has a location on 3A in Billerica. I have heard good things about the pizza at Mangia, Mangia in Billerica Center but never sampled it. I also like the hearth-baked pizza at Focaccia's in Wilmington, which is basically a sit-down place, and the more gourmet stone hearth pizzas at Kendra&Anthony's across from Wilmington Plaza. They are mostly take-out, and will also sell them for baking at home. Both are on Rt. 38.

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          I love Villa Franca. Pizza is fantastic as is their calzones. Have only had 1 dish - chicken & broccoli, ziti in alfredo and it was very good for a take out dish. I thought they were expanding into the old flower shop that is next door to their existing location. I had heard that Pongal is opening an additional restaurant where Blockbuster or the Fish House was.

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            We got takeout from Villa Franca a while ago, a salami and a cheese, and really liked it. A salami and a cheese. Good crust and sauce, and they take great care making and cooking the pizza. I'd also like to try the Sicilian.
            We'll definitely return.

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              The Pongal now has a location on Rt 20 - Framingham or maybe Marlboro. You are referring to The Mughals, which opened in April on 3A in that strip. Nearby Raja and Rana's market had lots of signs promoting the opening so I assume they are connected. I have no idea if R/R and TM are connected to TP but I doubt it. TP's owners have, and started with, a restaurant in Bangalore, India.

          2. We live in Billerica near Carlisle and make the trip to Pizza Presti's in Burlington for take-out pies. We have only gotten sausage or pepperoni pizzas so cannot speak to anything else. We've not enjoyed Stromboli's or Mangia Mangia in Billerica.

            Mangia Mangia
            147 Endicott St, Boston, MA 02113

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              I know this is an old thread, but I went to Pizza Presti's in Burlington recently. It's NY-style pizza!!! Floppy, with that orange oil on top and the intoxicating smell. I have had lots of pizza in the Boston area and enjoyed it, but this is the only pizza I've had in New England that brings back my childhood memories. The sauce is on the sweet side, but if you get it with pepperoni or sausage to add a salty, spicy element, it's perfect. All-veggie pizzas are a little disappointing here, though.

              I know NY-style isn't the be-all and end-all for everyone, and we have lots of other good options, but for anyone else who grew up with New York pizza and misses it, give this place a try.

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                A pizza thread is never too old for discussion. ;) I haven't been to Presti's in a while. I seem to remember the pizza being pretty good, but I can't remember if the crust is slightly crunchy/chewy, my favorite pizza texture. Perhaps I'll swing by tonight for a slice. Thanks for the update, Pia.

            2. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to try them. Will report on them here as time permits. I have eaten at Pizzeria Presti's in Burlington (not pizza though), and the food is good. They do seem to mess up orders frequently, though. I had one son working at Flatbreads while another worked at Regina's at the Burlington Mall. I'd have to say I prefer Regina's.

              Pizzeria Presti
              101 Middlesex Tpke, Burlington, MA 01803

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                A long time favorite in Somerville is Mama Lisa's on Broadway. The nephew of the owners worked there for several years, then opened his own place in Billerica, Mama Maria's. His pizza is nearly identical to the Somerville pie. This connection was discovered when I told the owner that my nephews, now of Billerica but formerly of Somerville, stated that Mama Maria's tasted just like Mama Lisa's. Same recipes, ingredients and techniques and voila, same pizza.

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                  That will be my next pizza. Thank you!

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                    We have ordered pizza from Mama Maria's a couple of times now. It is very good and our *go to* place now.

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                      So glad you enjoyed it. I know that he's struggling in that location so maybe this will drum up some well deserved business for him.

                2. I didn't find much to love for pizza the last time I worked up that way. My favorite in the area, already mentioned a couple of times here, is a chain, but a good one: Flatbread Co. in Bedford.