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ISO Swans Down Flour

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Looking for swans down brand cake flour in san Francisco or san Jose. Unable to find at Safeway or lucky. WalMart listed online as a source, but not available when we visited. I remember it as a staple in mom's pantry for making Chinese steamed egg cake and the brown sugar flavored steamed cupcakes. Can't seem to find the flour in Chinatown anymore.

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  1. I got mine at Safeway...but they didn't keep it with the flour. It was located with the box cake mix.

    1. I was making a lot of cakes in 2009, so I bought a case from Luzianne. You can buy just one box from them, too.


      1. Thanks for the leads. I'll check out Safeway again and if unsuccessful, will order from Luzianne.

        1. I think I've seen it at Nob Hill Foods (Redwood Shores). Also, Rainbow Grocery has cake flour in their bulk bins, but I don't know what brand it is.

          Rainbow Grocery
          1745 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103

          1. Hardly see Swans Down Cake Flour anymore; most stores including Safeway carry Soft as Silk Cake Four. Because of cost, I buy bulk cake flour from Rainbow Grocery. It is less than 70 cents per pound rather than about $3.00 for a 2.25 lb box of Soft as Sillk. It is bit higher in protein and not as quite as soft as the above two brands. I've used it for all recipes and have not had any problem.

            Rainbow Grocery
            1745 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103

            1. I saw some at Target when I was looking for it. I've seen it at a few of the ones that expanded their grocery section about a year ago. If worst comes to worst you could always try the other brands of cake flour or make your own. For every cup of cake flour your need, use all purpose flour (my dad prefer's Gold Medal flour for the Chinese steamed buns) and remove 2 Tablespoons and replace it with 2 Tablespoons corn starch then sift it about 3 to 5 times to give it that fine texture cake flour has and to mix the corn starch in with the flour well.