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Jul 30, 2011 03:55 PM

Castelrotto area options

We have decided to travel to Castelrotto next Spring in mid-May. Any suggestions of restaurants and hotels in the area? We are having trouble finding out what places will be even be open at that time of year. We will have a car so we will be day tripping through the area for about 5 days throughout the region. Great lunch spots would be appreciated, but recommendations in Castelrotto for dinner are needed. We don't want to drive much after having wine with our meal.

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  1. I am topping this as we will be staying in Castelrotto next week for 3 nights.
    Any ideas???

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    1. re: jangita

      Memory fading... I stayed there about five summers ago. Most of the hotels include dinner though I imagine you can skip that option if you prefer. The restaurant at the Zum Turm hotel was nice though. We had some beers in a basement bar located in the center that was decorated with posters and memorabilia of the Kastelruther Spazen, the local band of the town who are inescapable. I cant remember the name but it was located quite near to the square. The food there was pretty hearty bar food.

      1. re: badwaiter

        looking at ViaMichelin it looks like the better dining options are a few km away.

        Sassegg in Siusi/Seis has an 83 Gambero Rosso rating (49 for food), sound quite elegant but not as pricey as might be expected.