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Jul 30, 2011 01:50 PM

Bartolotta or Guy Savoy? Please Help!!!

I will be spending three short nights in LV on either end of a Grand Canyon rafting trip. First two nights we are going to L Atelier and e. The following Friday we have reservations at both Bartolotta and Guy Savoy. I have looked for info on CH to try to get a sense of which we should decide on. I have also checked out ELV pretty extensively, but I still have my doubts. Any help would be great. Hell, Im even open to other suggestions.

Can anyone give a solid comp & cont for these spots?

Gimme some love! Please!



And if anyone is travelling to the dirrty dirrty, fire away. I wont lead you astray.

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  1. I have the exact same question about Bartolotta and Savoy (though in our case the other nights are e', Robuchon, and Sage).

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      Have only eaten at Guy Savoy once, completely disappointing. Totally forgettable. Nothing was "bad" per se, but absolutely nothing stood out. We were there mid week for my birthday almost a year ago exactly. Slow service, clumsy serving, not what I was expecting. My girlfriend, who is much more forgiving, felt the food was actually bad. Distinctly not worth the money.

      Similarly, Robuchon's Mansion is also not worth the money. Don't get me wrong, it's a very nice dinner, with some memorable dishes (hell, the bread, cheese and dessert carts are each an experience in and of themselves). But it isn't worth the roughly $350 they charge. My recommendation is L'Atelier instead. Not the same caliber, but a third the price for 5/6 the food. Unless you HAVE to go to the Mansion to fulfill your quest, do L'A instead.

      E is the opposite; they could virtually double the price and I'd consider it a bargain. E was this year's birthday dinner, a great experience. It is reviewed separately in CH and the reviews are spot on. Not everything works perfectly (as far as the food), but overall, a great meal with some cool surprises. Service is stellar, and the opportunity to interact with the masters preparing the courses is an opportunity not to be missed. We talked ingredients, techniques, industry business, funny stories, the works. It's not at all stuffy, the staff is even wearing jeans. Can't recommend it enough. We were so lucky that on our seating (5:30), the other 6 guests cancelled, leaving only the 2 of us for a superb experience. Stephanie (manager) said that has happened only once before.

      No experience with Bartolotta, can't help there.

      Hope that helps a bit!

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        Interesting. When wifey and I went to e' back in February, we were the only diners for the late seating.

        1. re: zippyh

          If I recall correctly, she did say it was a few months ago. She said she has had inquiries about buying all 8 seats for only 2 diners (wedding proposal, etc) but that they always balked at the cost....

      2. re: zsmd01

        If you are already going to Robuchon, then for the sake of variety, go to Bartolotta, as Guy Savoy is fairly similar.

        We recently had a meal for two at Bartolotta (the "Grand Tasting") and found it quite good, though their method of serving multiple courses at once, family style, was a little disconcerting. We likened the atmosphere more to a semi-formal family holiday dinner than to true fine dining, if you get my drift. Some of the sauces were a little heavy and thick, but overall, we would recommend it. Began with an array of seafood appetizers, followed by pastas, proteins, and desserts. It was a very hearty meal, and a lot of food. Our waiter chose the dishes for us, and it did include a whole fish that was served tableside.

        At Sage, I would highly recommend contacting them regarding doing a tasting menu- we had been there twice before and were a little underwhelmed, but our last experience was superb- and being as some of the dishes there are a bit heavy the smaller ( but only slightly) servings worked to our advantage.

        e' was fine, but I think all of the press it is getting makes it difficult to live up to expectations. It would be more accurate to state that the most of the dishes are put together in front of you, but have mostly (and understandably) been prepared in the back. Also, on our visit, they had one of the chefs from D.C. helping / supervising when we were there a few weeks ago, and the staff seemed a bit edgy / nervous and not particularly interactive. I think I almost preferred my dinner at Saam (Bazaar) over e'. Nevertheless, it was a good time.

        Have Fun!

      3. I hear terrific things about Bartolotta, but there is one potential drawback to this restaurant...their speciality is whole fresh fish. The fish are all sized to serve 2 or more. When I recently inquired about dining there myself, they were sort of weird on the phone letting me know that their fish menu is not suitable for a single diner...and I suppose the same would apply to two persons who didn't want the same fish.

        I've heard good thing's about the Greek fish restaurant Milo's at the Cosmopolitan. I've eaten at their restaurant in Montreal and it was wonderful.

        1. While I've never been to Bartolotta, I was very underwhelmed by Guy Savoy. Nothing was bad with the food, it just couldn't hold a candle to Joel Robuchon. Service was excellent at Guy Savoy (as was the service at Robuchon).

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            What about Picasso? Is it still one of LV's best French restaurants?

            1. re: josephnl

              Picasso hasn't been among the top LV restaurants in many years. If you're at the Bellagio, you are best to have dinner at Le Cirque for excellent French cuisine. I skipped Le Cirque for Guy Savoy-big mistake.

              1. re: ellenost

                I've been to Le Cirque twice, and each time it's been excellent. So, I guess it sounds like after Joel Robuchon, most would pick Le C as LV's next best French restaurant...clearly better than Picasso or Guy Savoy.

                Le Cirque
                Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109