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Jul 30, 2011 12:44 PM

Munich in Nov - Goose & Game meat

Will be in Munich in the fall & looking forward to a feast of goose and game meat with beer/wine.
Where is the best place(s) to go. Any suggestion is most welcome.
Danke Schon.

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  1. I don't recall seeing much goose at that time of year, but game meat definitely can be found in late October/November Our usual stops for such are Andechs am Dom and Der Pschorr, but many of the Bavarian places will have special a week or more of specials, and venison is often on the regular menu in any case. I've enjoyed both reh and hirsch in a variety of forms, as well as wildschweine.

    1. Most places will have at least one or two venison dishes on the menu at that time of the year. Certainly Spatenhaus and Halali would be good places to try.

      Goose is a little harder. There are usually a few weeks in October where it shows up on menus (it's traditional for church "Erntedankfest" celebrations...) Hard to predict when and where though. On the other hand it is pretty much the exact same preparation as for duck -- roast with potato knödel and red cabbage. The duck version is available just about everywhere that has a traditional menu, especially at that time of year.

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        adding some links

        We liked Andechser am Dom very much but I was disappointed with my overcooked duck. Dont know they would be our first pick for game.

        Andechser Am Dom
        Weinstraße 7, Munich, BY 80333, DE

        Schönfeldstraße 22, Munich, BY 80539, DE

        Spatenhaus an der Oper
        Residenzstraße 12, Munich, BY 80333, DE

        Der Pschorr
        Viktualienmarkt 15, Munich, BY 80331, DE

        1. re: jen kalb

          The last two years, Andechs am Dom has had by far the most creative and interesting -- as well as best prepared -- game dishes, at least between themselves, Der Pschorr, Weissesbrauhaus, and Rathskeller. We're there for 5 days to a week at the end of each October over the past 12 years, for the big mineral trade show, and I particularly love game so try to enjoy as much of it as I can. Der Pschorr is where I've risked getting it overcooked in past years, although they seem to have gotten even more ambitious based on the new menus (and their prices too, unfortunately!)

          Der Pschorr
          Viktualienmarkt 15, Munich, BY 80331, DE

          1. re: Joan Kureczka

            I can only call it as I saw it. These restaurants do significant volume and cook the food in large quantities - I suspect I got the last piece of duck out of a large tray my night at Andechser am Dom - the guy next to me had a much better looking piece. My husband's meal was excellent and we really liked the place, for its hospitality, beer and food as indeed we liked the other places we visited. If I had to rank them for food, and atmosphere, I would say however 1-Spatenhaus 2-De Pschorr 3-Andechser. I would have liked to take a step up and try Halali or one of the other non-tied restuarants however.

            1. re: jen kalb

              Thank you all so much. It would appear by consensus the places to dive into would be Spatenhaus ( great, as it would be nearby the opera house), Der Pschorr, and Andechser am Dom, and a change of cuisine after all that venison & duck, would be to Brenner.

              Der Pschorr
              Viktualienmarkt 15, Munich, BY 80331, DE

              1. re: towkay

                there are many other restaurants in Munich which you might consider. Even though we loved these places and had high quality food at each I still am sorry we did not move beyond the beer hall places tied to breweries to sample more intimate restaurants with perhaps more creative/sophisticated cuisine. and bigger wine lists. For example the wine list at Der Pschorr is VERY brief.. Brenner also is a huge place (we did not sample). If you are going to be there more than a day or two you might want to look around., even tho you will have a great meal (be able to drink excellent beer) at each of these.

                ps at Spatenhaus there are actually different menus for the ground floor and second floor restaurants. to avoid confusion, you might want to look at both before going in.

                Maximilianstraße 15, Munich, BY 80539, DE

                1. re: jen kalb

                  Time for a change from great sausages,pork,duck in beer hall like Der Pschorr,Spatenhaus,Cafe Glockenspiel.All excellent and highly recommended.However it is time for a change for the next couple of meals.Will resume again at Andechseram Dom , Nurnberger Bratwurst Gobckl.
                  Any alternative cuisine like Italian,Japanese perhaps?