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Jul 30, 2011 11:23 AM

Bourdain on Bill Maher

Anthony Bourdain is scheduled to appear on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher next Friday, August 5th. Not sure if he will be on the panel or just a side interview.

Just a heads up if anyone is interested.

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  1. Thanks for posting. Sounds like it will be worth a look.

    1. Thanks for posting this. I saw the header and thought I'd missed it. Will be taping this and look forward to the conversation that follows.

      1. I saw that he's also on Colbert the night before.

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          1. re: Withnail42

            Two shows in two nights, seems like he's selling something.

            1. re: James Cristinian

              His new TV show titled "The Layover"?

              1. re: James Cristinian

                and maybe his book is coming out in paper?