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Jul 30, 2011 11:17 AM

Options for YVR layover?

Hi all, I will be coming through Vancouver shortly and will have about four hours between flights from 8 pm to 2 am. I am tempted to get out of the airport for a bite and a drink somewhere, but because of the schedule don't want to choose a place where I'd have to wait a long time to be seated (Thu night). Something very Canada Line accessible would be best. Suggestions for seafood, Japanese, or local fare would be very welcome. Budget a factor but not the most important.

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  1. Your best bet is going to Richmond on the Canada Line (or cab if you specifically where you're going), since Richmond's so densely populated with restaurants especially along the Canada Line stations between Aberdeen Station and Richmond-Brighouse Station, albeit heavily biased towards Asian fare. However there's likely more restaurants in Richmond that are open late than any other part of town other than downtown Vancouver.

    What are some specifics of seafood and Japanese (or local fare) you're preferring ?

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      Sushi or small plates + drinks. Japanese or Indian would be fine but not interested in Chinese at all. Currently leaning towards Salt Tasting Room, but they don't look like they are into seafood and the 'notorious location' on their website gives me pause - is it not a great place to be walking around at night? Enjoyed Guu when I was in town before, but don't want to wait for a table. And most other places I'm interested in would close at ten.

      838 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E1W2, CA

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        If you do go to Salt I can tell you what I honestly think about the area. As a tourist, yes it would make me uncomfortable - all of Gastown would actually. Even in the day the beggars, addicts and "mentally unstable" are visible everywhere.

        That being said, I don't avoid the area because of it, I just walk on by and ignore the blatant begging, tweakers, crack heads, etc. They generally will not bother you. I just don't engage them in any way.

        Judas Goat is right beside Salt and offers tapas too.

        There is a Guu in Gastown too. (close to Waterfront station too).

        Boneta in Gastown does some small plates.

        L'Abattoir in Gastown does some great small plates and drinks.

        If you got off the Canada Line at Yaletown - Roundhouse station, you could hike up Davie St. to Mis Trucos which has gotten some good feedback on this board (I've never been). It's also open til 1am. You can google map it and see it's walkable for you. Bin941 on Davie St. too.

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          Salt is all well and good. but its just cheese, ham and wine, served in a 'gritty ' ( if you will ) 'hood.

          If i were in your shoes i would go to Nan chuu in Richmond, Its in a similar vein as Guu but closer to the airport.

          Nan chuu
          8391 Alexandra Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 1C3, CA

      2. The Apron, at the Richmond Wall Center, is a short cab ride from YVR. Chef Hamid Saliaman is very committed to using local products, including some from micro-farmers in the neighbourhood. Beautiful, beautiful plates, too.

        1. I decided to just go to Gastown since so many of the recs were from there, and according to Google maps it actually takes longer to get to Richmond from the airport on the skytrain than it does to go downtown. I decided against The Apron just because it looked too similar to a place where I'd eaten lunch that day, but will def. keep it in mind for further trips through town.

          I walked by the Guu in Gastown and there were seats at the bar so I stopped for a fantastic plate of sashimi and an ok cocktail. I also really wanted to try l'abbatoir but their kitchen closes at ten so I was too late. That left me with my original plan of visiting Salt Tasting room, where I thought the food,wine, and atmosphere were all great. Though I have to say that Blood Alley is exactly the kind of place you don't want to find yourself alone at midnight in a strange city. I thought the skytrain stations were well lit and had a reassuring number of regular, mostly sober folks even at one am and I was happy the return fare was only 2.50

          Anyway, it was a much better evening than hanging out at the airport would have been so thanks for all replies.

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            Thanks for the report pepper_mil. Gastown was a good choice since that is where most of the buzzy places seem to be.

            Re: The Apron...note that the chef Hamid Salimian is moving back to Diva (where he was a sous) taking with him the molecular stuff for which he was known.