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Jul 30, 2011 10:22 AM

Clos du Bois 1981 Late Harvest Gewurtz - Alexander Valley

I bought this at an estate sale yesterday for $3. I plan to open it tonight-- when my husband gets off work about 10pm. It's a sweet little bottle with a tiny bit of seepage and pencil cellar notes jotted on the label. "From Dolly 1983. Bought at auction $15." I'll let you know tomorrow what was left.

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  1. I am curious to know how it turned out?

    I had some company yesterday and opened up 2 bottles of 1981 Stephens (Napa) Zin. They were amazingly complex and wonderful. Black cherry and raspberry, long finishes- and they were open all day for sipping on with absolutely NO fading. The old Stephens is similar to a Ridge Lytton Springs Zin but Stephens has lower alcohol (13 percent).

    I have three or four Zins that I like aged but the only Gewurtz I have ever aged were Germans or Austrians. I am curious about a CA Gewurtz and that much bottle age. If it was good, can you describe the taste?

    1. 10 am - decided to open it this morning. When I was introduced to the 19c madieras in England, we finished the bottle at 11am (from the night before) It was a divine way to start the day.

      The color is beautiful. A tobacco amber. Very deep gold. The nose is off. I should have decanted it. But the taste is quite sublime. Right now it's too cold -- but what I'm getting is honey with an undernote of spice. Very much like an old madiera. It's absolutely drinkable-- and I'm sorry I didn't wait to open with some fanfare.

      1. 10:19am -- with air, the wine moves from stewed fruit nose to something beautiful, but as yet undefinable for me. Now, the taste is, maybe, a sublime apple butter, but definitely complex; not just sweetness. The finish is very clean. And left in my mouth is a most perfect sunny sweetness. With air, the wine is less cloudy. I am speechless, just remembering my life in 1981.

        1. Chef husband describes the taste as "tarte tartin."