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Fire roasted tomatoes at a reasonable price?

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Last trip over the border we picked up a few cans of fire roasted tomatoes and now we are completely hooked on the extra smokey depth they add to our dishes. Unfortunately I have not seen them in many places and when I have, I am blown away by the price -- paying $8/can for tomatoes takes all the fun out of cooking.

Any one have an idea where I can buy reasonably priced canned fire roasted tomatoes in Vancouver?

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  1. Save On Foods has fire roasted tomatoes made in the usa where I assume they are more popular then here.I got them on sale for a little over 2 bucks a small can.

    1. Fred Meyers is the place to get them, the quality is far superior than the one at Save on. I like the S&W brand, also try their canned black beans, chickpeas and other canned tomatoes.