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Jul 30, 2011 09:02 AM

Crisfield Seafood Restaurant


My grandfather was a shrimper and I was born and raised in southern Louisiana so I know my seafood. So does this place. I had a soft shell crab sandwich the first night, forget the sandwich part, just get the crabs. They were wonderful. Fresh and cooked perfect. Husband had fried shrimp and they were also wonderful. It was so good, we went back the next night.

Second night I had broiled scallops. The order was huge, twice what I expected. They were fresh and delicious. Husband had the stuffed shrimp and they were also fantastic.

The service was excellent and the staff so friendly. They really do it right at Crisfield. We went to New Orleans for 5 days after leaving that area and the food at Crisfield was better than 75% of the food in New Orleans.

Crisfield Seafood
8012 Georgia Avenue At Hwy Ave W, Silver Spring, MD 20901

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  1. Crisfield's crabcakes are lacking, but their stuffed shrimp and stuffed flounder are outstanding.

    1. the bisque...the bisque...

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        oh crud, wish I would have known that. I love bisque.

      2. My parents used to go to Crisfields when they were dating (> 50 years ago) and I've taken my family there periodically over the last 20 years. We love the stuffed flounder and the shoe string fries, and of course, the bisque. They also have great Maryland fried chicken which is getting hard to find these days.

        A DC area institution and worth stopping for.