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Jul 30, 2011 08:06 AM

Massimo Bruno's Italian Supper Club

A few weeks ago we stumbled across this suppper club online. We decided to check it out. It was a lovely evening all round. The food was fantastic. It was $85 per person, bring your own wine. You all sit at one long table. I believe that night was 40 people. If you do not like small talk this is not for you. I would highly recommend it though. Massimo is quite entertaining without taking over the evening. Food was served family style with ample portions. Our dinner was at the Manor House, but the venues change throughout the GTA.

This was the menu:

Homemade Focaccia Bread
Roasted Oyster Mushroom Salad on Arugola with shaved italian goat cheese
Prosciutto with Grilled Bread and Figs Salad
Grilled Shrimps with Grapefruit
Roasted Peppers gratinati
Homemade Salsiccia Barese
Linguine with Italian Tuna, Basil and lemons
Orecchiette with Fresh cherry tomatoes, arugola and salty ricotta
Florentine Style Steak
Lemona and Truffle flavoured rainbow trout
Grilled asparagus
Homemade Cannoli and Homemade Watermelon Sorbet with mint

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