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Jul 30, 2011 08:03 AM

Post wedding reception for a group of 30-40

Hi everyone,
my fiancee and I are planning to get married in Greece and have an intimate reception for 30-40 of our friends and family upon our return. Since this reception will be end of june or early july 2012, we love to have it outdoor to enjoy the beautiful weather.
I have a though time finding a place that accomodates such small group in their outdoor space. I understand it is in summer time and they want to make the most profit they can.
I have looked at so many places and they either don't accomodate this small party or they charge huge rental fee or minimum food .
my budget all in is 100-110 per person.
can you please help

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  1. I would try Globe on the Danforth. The rooftop patio is lovely and they should be able to do something at your price point.

    I would also look into Sidecar on College. They have a lovely back patio and again your price point should work there as well.

    Good luck!

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    1. re: JennaBean

      thanks. I am planning to check out the Globe. I am not sure if they give us the exclusive use of rooftop patio. I checked out George resturant on the weekend,we loved their courtyard, but they don't close it down for 40 people :(

      1. re: fran70

        I don' think George would work at your price point if you want to include beverages.

        1. re: fran70

          I just talk to Adreen in Globe. we can not have exclusive access to the rooftop patio. they can give us only 1hr from 5-6,but after it would be open to public.:(

            1. re: JennaBean

              I checked their website but have not personally visited the palce yet. I have an app on monday to see the state of sunny brook.

            2. re: fran70

              I recommend you check out JennaBean's other suggestion of Sidecar. I'm pretty sure that their patio could only hold 30 or 40, so you could do a buyout. Plus their price point is a fair bit lower than most of the other suggestions here, so you could easily hit your budget.

        2. Hi Fran70,
          Malaparte, O&B's restaurant at 350 King St. hosts wedding receptions and they have an outside patio with a great view on the 6th floor of the Toronto International Film Fest's HQ. It's only available for events and not open to the public. I'm not sure about what they charge tho.

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          1. re: mayaishi

            Hi mayaishi,
            I checked their website. It is gorgeous. I love it. But their rental fee is 2000-2500 with minimum food spend that is extremely high for us. But thanks for introducing this lovely place.

            1. re: ingloriouseater

              I already checked them. The rental fee is high.

                1. re: ingloriouseater

                  I already contacted them they need more than 40, I think their requirement was 60 people.

                  1. re: fran70

                    the following is on their website and falls very close to both price and # of people (taxes and grat included!)

                    This wedding package is perfect for the intimate wedding, or second time affair. This package is on our 96' three-masted schooner Challenge.

                    Charter time of five (5) hours including boarding and disembarking time
                    Qualified officers; Professional and friendly service staff; Disc Jockey
                    Water taxi for minister if applicable

                    As you and your guests leisurely relax and mingle,
                    these tasty morsels will be created by our onboard chefs
                    Vegetable Kabobs
                    Beef Kabobs with Teriyaki Sauce
                    Honey & Garlic Chicken Satays
                    Shrimp Kabobs with Hawaiian Pineapple & Curry Sauce
                    On the Buffet
                    Classic Caesar Salad with Croutons, Parmesan Cheese & Bacon Bits
                    Ontario Garden Cucumber & Summer Tomato Vinaigrette
                    Pasta Bar
                    A choice of fresh fusilli or penne with creamy alfredo or zesty tomato and oregano sauce
                    Garnishes: parmesan cheese, mushrooms, peppers, sliced onion, sausage, shrimp, & fresh herbs.
                    Seasonal sliced fruit
                    Wedding cake

                    From boarding time till the boat returns to the dock, your guests will
                    have access to a Cash Bar.
                    Coffee and tea and a non-alcoholic boarding punch are complimentary
                    If applicable, bar will be closed during the wedding ceremony.
                    An open unlimited bar may be added for an additional $40 per person
                    Prices are per person inclusive of taxes and gratuities

                    # of People 36-45
                    Afternoon $95
                    Sun - Wed (Evening) $115
                    Thurs - Sat (Evening) $125

                    1. re: ingloriouseater

                      thanks.I check them out. Personally I like the idea,but my fiance is not a fan of cruise on the lake. I appreciate the help.

            2. Argonaut Rowing Club? They have a great (but smallish) patio attached to their function room which overlooks Lake Ontario. Not super fancy, but a nice low-key spot (and you can bring in any caterer you want!)