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Jul 30, 2011 06:50 AM

High end Grocery Store in Dallas

We're in Dallas for the weekend and wanted to take some good foodie supplies home with us (we live in rural Mississippi). Any suggestions for higher end grocery stores with great meat, produce, seafood would be much appreciated.

We are staying in the Highland Park area.

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  1. Go to Central Market (Greenville @ Lovers Lane) not far from where you are - get a bottle of Fredericksburg Farm Peach/Pecan BBQ sauce. A little spicy, a little sweet. !!!! on chicken and/or pork. The CM brand of BBQ sauce is traditional and wonderfully spicy. From the same store, same "farm" - Old San Antonio Tomatillo Salsa. Great on/with everything!

    Central Market usually has a good price sale on one cut of choice beef steak each week -

    CM carries a lot of organic produce, but Whole Foods cut their teeth on organics. The have a store at Lemmon @ Lomo Alto - also reasonable close to where you are.

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        The Lomo Alto Wholefood's is my favorite. I shop there on an almost daily basis. But, the Lakewood store and the new "flagship" Wholefoods at Greenville just south of Park Lane are much larger and thus offer larger selections.

      2. Specialty stores.....

        Freshly made cheeses at Mozzarella Company, Deep Ellum -
        Italian meats, cheeses wines at Jimmy's Food Store on Fitzhugh -
        Spices and Herb - Preston Rd. -
        Korean/Asian -

        Grapevine has a number of winerooms featuring local TX wines. See upper left sidebar at

        If so inclined and you hurry, you can make it to the Rahr Brewery tour and tasting in Fort Worth today from 1-3.

        Jimmy's Food Store
        4901 Bryan St, Dallas, TX

        1. Second Central Market, Wholefood's, (Lakewood or Greenville Ave. for larger selections) and everyones favorite, Jimmy's (Italian) Market at Fitzhugh and Bryan. Probably the best we have in Dallas for what you're looking for.

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            Thank you, heading out to Central Market and Whole Foods this morning.

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              Jimmy's is closed on Sunday. Try it tomorrow for one of their famous "Cuban" sandwiches. You'll love the "mom & pop" vibe. Or, as in their case, "brother & brother".