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Jul 30, 2011 03:13 AM

just moved to Bethlehem PA

can anyone recommend a good-

butcher-prime beef preferred

place for hand cut smoked salmon

anything closer than Lobel’s, Zabar’s?



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  1. Is there a Wegman's Near You? If not there is one on Route 202 in Bridgewater NJ. Probably about an hour away!

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    1. re: teddybare

      Thanks, teddybare....

      yes, there is a Wegmans’ in Bethlehem and another one in Allentown. They do not carry prime meat and the sliced salmon, is not great, in my opinion. I think we are just spoiled 8:).

      I came across a company called Baringer Brothers and spoke to them yesterday. Their beef is choice as well and they sell at a Farmer’s Market every week only on Thursday, Friday, Saturday..

      1725 West Chew Street
      Allentown, PA 18104
      Hours of operation:
      Thursday 9-8pm
      Friday 8-8pm
      Saturday 8-6pm

      anyone know anything about this company?

      thanks..and teddybare thanks again.


      1. re: steviek

        definitely go to the Allentown Farmers Market. It doesn't look pretty but the vendors are all great. My preferred butcher is Clover Farms, but try the poultry sausages at Mr. Bill's and hit the Mediterranean stand. The Amish bakers and deli and the produce stands are all good. There is a good butcher shop just west of the Valley at the Lenhartsville exit of 78. For the salmon try the Elias Market. I am not sure if their place in Bethlehem carries it but their fish shop in Allentown should have the quality you are looking for. If you need restaurant recommendations let me know. You will be surprised by the quality.

        1. re: ithimis

          Dear ithimis,

          Thank you for taking the time and I am going to follow your suggestions. Very kind of you. I found an old thread on eating places in Bethlehem. I will post on that now and thanks in advance for any suggestions.

          all the best,

          1. re: ithimis

            Dear ithimis,
            The thread I responded to is called Bethlehem.