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Jul 30, 2011 01:40 AM

Paris July without reservations at Paul Bert

Went thursday to bistrot Paul Bert, lived up to his reputation. 34euros menu: starting with green beens and white truffles for my husband and langoustines for me, both delicious. The bestzu part of our meal was the main course for me a calf liver so so good, more than 1cm thick, perfectly cooked a butter texture it just melted in my mouth, I was in heaven, my husband pintade which was great. My vegetables an array of zucchiani and carrots where delicious but my husband potée de choux au petits lardons was outstanding. Place for only 1 dessert, so we choose the chocolat fondant cake with creme was one of the most amazing chocolately rich dessert ever tasted. Service was fantastic... A great wine list, from good and inexpensive to oh they have <that>. Old style bistrot cuisine, but so good!
Sorry for you they are closing today for a month.

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  1. Ironically, we showed up at BPB tonight, with a reservation. It is indeed their last night before closing for vacation.

    In any event, it was a disaster. We were seated and then waited. And waited, and waited Five mins, ten mins, near 15 mins, until the one completely overwhelmed waitress came by. (And its not a large room). I know restaurants in Paris are not over staffed but this was a situation where we felt terrible for the poor waitress. It was impossible for any one person to work that room. She promptley replaced the chalk board menu we had looked at with another more limited menu, and then promptly scratched out nearly half the offerings. I understand they are going on vacation but they literally now had on offer just a couple of entrees (the pate and other items were now gone) and just a few main dishes. The 34 Euro price remained the same.

    The food leaving the kitchen looked memorable for only one reason: large portions. Otherwise it seemed completely nondescript. We considered what to do, leave or stay. It was already well past nine o'clock, if we left where to go? Yet, when we looked around a bit more, heard the english at so many tables, and the few plate options to choose from, plus the completely harried nature of the place, we said, "that's it."

    We got up and left. No waiter, or the owner who had seated us, even said a word.

    After checking what was open and who had a table we headed to the 7th and had a fantastic bistro meal.

    I would not return to BPB if the meal was gratis.

    Just my observation but its certainly not a place that merits the press it receives, in our view.

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    1. re: comiendosiempre

      That sounds awful. I agree with your one-strike-you're-out reaction.

      1. re: comiendosiempre

        Rule n°1 — never go to a bistrot the day before they close for vacation.

        If the world were a more sensible place than it is, restaurants would close the day before the day before they close for vacation.

        1. re: Ptipois

          Funny, that is so true. Not only was it the last night for BPB but for a couple other spots too, including L'ami Jean. Our concierge called after the bpb disaster and, while lamijean could take us, they too were now on a limited menu.

          Not surprisingly, perhaps, from just before the weekend to now, Sunday, the amount of people in the streets and - more importantly for foodies - the number of restaurants open has decreased dramatically. Everyone seems to have "made the bridge" as they say and fled.

          We are now thinking Thai may give us options over the next few days........

          L'ami Jean
          27 Rue Malar, Paris, Île-de-France 75007, FR

          1. re: comiendosiempre

            If Lao Viet does not close in August, that may be the time to try it.

          2. re: Ptipois

            One exception was the fabulous meal we had on the last service before vacation at Les Papilles one year. It seemed as if they were unloading the larder for any takers. Iberico, sausage, large portions of protein, cheese, the works. And the feeling of joy among staff and diners... Or maybe that is just LP at its best.

        2. Awful food, overpriced and uncaring are my words to describve this place. This is a tourist trap...period!
          Go to Baratin and eat well, save money and feel the love in every bite.