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Jul 29, 2011 10:22 PM

The Good Egg. The Ovum. Lovers off Eggs give your best preparations. Coaxing of yolks,tricks to albumen. Let's share it here.

Sometimes I marvel at the simplicity
of the foodstuff contained within that white egg shell.

The legend, the question, of
was vertebrate first, or the Ovum?

Such paleontology has its puzzle appeal
but I offer this thread for the ways that we lovingly
apply heat to our egg
and care for it as it anneals.

Fried Scrambled Boiled Baked Poached.
Your descriptions of beautiful preparations, please.

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  1. Eight inch teflon pan.
    Brought to medium heat.

    Butter only to coat the pan
    gently brought to a sizzle
    Two whole eggs sidled in from a saucer
    find immediate home, turning white in the pan.

    Then the addition of half teaspoon of water
    dispensed via fingertips.
    Then glass lid surmounted (from the slow cooker)
    to monitor process

    Glass lid removed
    when soft film has formed
    that encases the yolks.
    Steam sent skyward.

    Soft fried eggs slid and decanted to plate.
    Therewith to savor both yolk and albumen.

    1. Sorry to say I am not a poet. If I tried to write a poem it would be awkward. However, I do love me a good omelet. I make mine in a non-stick skillet over med-high heat. I've never learned to roll them; I fold them over and flip. Put in a little cheese, and possibly a few other ingredients, and the result is heavenly. When I make omelets for Mr. Sueatmo and me, I make one large one, and halve it for serving. This is absolutely my favorite way to eat eggs. I prefer my omelets to any others I've ever had.

      1. I take heavy duty plastic wrap and cover a coffee cup. Then coat the wrap with some bacon grease and drop an egg into the plastic. I sneak into my daughters bedroom and steal a hair clip that I will use seal the plastic with. I then take my little egg pouch and drop it into boiling water for a few minutes until cooked and the yolk is runny. I end up with a egg poached in bacon grease. I don't think it is much different than an egg fried in bacon grease but I feel healthy when I eat it.