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Jul 29, 2011 09:26 PM

Wedding brunch: biscuits and Gravy for 50, suggestions?

I have a pretty good amount of experience cooking for groups, especially breakfast, but mostly informal. I have been asked to make biscuits and gravy for the morning after the wedding of two of my friends. I am wondering about how much gravy y'all think would be appropriate. Normally I would just err on the side of having too much, but I am working on a budget, so having less left over seems like a good idea. I am thinking two biscuits per person, and I'm guessing about 6oz to a cup of gravy per plate. Does this seem reasonable? I am also serving a small portion of fruit and scrambled eggs. Also, any other suggestions, favorite biscuit method perhaps?

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  1. The number of biscuits served would be relative to the size of the biscuits. I use a two and a half inch biscuit cutter, so I'd figure three biscuits per person with 8 ounces of gravy per serving. Then again, you're adding scrambled eggs and fruit the plate so the two biscuit serving might work out OK.

    1. Can you bake the biscuits right on top of the gravy, like chicken and biscuits? If so, you could just give them whatever gravy is under two biscuits.

      1. When I've served biscuits and gravy, people tend to split one into two--most just take one half but some take two. I'd say my biscuits are about 3" in diameter but tall. I've poached eggs right in the gravy (break it over it, it sinks into its own pocket) and put the pot into the oven (about 325) to keep warm. When eggs are done, but still runny, remove from oven. It's nice having the egg yolk mix with the gravy and biscuits. My favorite biscuit is from the Best Recipe and uses a combination of shortening and butter. From CH, I learned to quickly mix butter/shortening into flour w/ my fingers.

        1. I'd allow 5-6 gallons gravy, with the addition of the eggs and fruit. Enjoy your party.