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Jul 29, 2011 07:43 PM

restaurants that deliver in Salt Lake City - Cottonwood Heights area

Hi all,

I'm looking for tasty restaurants that deliver (and hopefully have gift certificates) in the Cottonwood Heights area (greater SLC). We have a friend who just went through surgery, and I would like to send her family a gift certificate that they can use for one of those hectic days between doctor's appointments, physical therapy, etc. Unfortunately, I'm not having any luck with internet searching.

I know that this family has ordered Indian and Chinese food before for delivery. They are vegetarian, and one of them prefers mild (not spicy) foods. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations!

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  1. When I lived in Salt Lake I used occasionally. I typed this in and this site came up - they must have changed owners or something. Would this be an option for you or your friends?

    ETA: one more link

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      Thanks enbell. So far none of these seem to have a gift certificate option, but I haven't called all of them yet. I appreciate the leads!