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Jul 29, 2011 07:41 PM

Smoked Chipotles in Adobo Sauce In Calgary

Does anyone know where I can buy Smoked Chipotles in Adobo Sauce? I have tried a few stores, like Safeway, Superstore and Sobey's and Co-op. Wasn't sure I would find it there, but those are the closest stores for me.

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  1. In the past I've gotten them at Co-op and Superstore in the mexican/ethnic aisle. Little red tin, next to the other peppers.

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    1. re: piano boy

      Hmmmm,,,perhaps I haven't looked hard enough then. Thanks!

      And now, I just looked below and saw that someone had already asked this question for Calgary, but when I did a search before I asked this, nothing showed up! Argh. I looked for smoked chipotle and chipotle. Nothing.

      1. re: piano boy

        i've bought them at safeway. have a can in my pantry right now, actually!

      2. They sell them at Safeway Crowfoot. As noted above they're in the Mexican aisle with the other canned peppers. I've also bought them at the Safeway in Kensington and the one downtown on 8th Street (?) in the past.

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        1. re: Jetgirly

          Okay now I feel dumb *and* blind! Ha ha

          1. re: Godslamb

            Its ok. There was a time when I was also desperately looking for this. After a few months of on and off searching, I found a small little red tin up high on the shelf at Safeway at the Northhill location. I made sure I bought just a few extra cans.

            1. re: Roarasaur

              yes, it's in a red tin and the brand is Casa Fiesta. It's in the mexican section. hope you find it OP!

        2. I found some today at Safeway in Glamorgan. Tried the coop nearby and they had little to nothing in the way of Mexican sauces. I was looking for just the adobo sauce but had to buy the one with chilies in it. Someone had suggested Wal-Mart to me but I never made it that far. If anyone has any luck at Wal-mart let me know.

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          1. re: TMackay

            Co-op's got nothing if you want anything that veers from North American western food. They don't even sell pepperoncinis. A real disappointment since their meat is top-notch for a gocery store.

            1. re: Shazam

              strathmore co-op has it ,as well as pepperoncinis .actually that store is getting better day by day,they even get tortillas from las totillas in calgary

              1. re: howlin

                Nice. I was at the Brentwood Co-op a few weeks ago and they had nothing. I was severely disappointed. On the other hand that one is full of old white people shoppers (NTTAWWT).

          2. Uni Market Inc

            Fabulous Latino supermarket. Best place for all kinds of peppers in Calgary. All kinds of chipotles.

            Picked up several items there last week for Cinco de Mayo.

            Also a hot food counter with benches to eat in. Food looks great, have to go for lunch sometime.

            128 50 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2A8

            (403) 255-4479 ‎ ·