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Jul 29, 2011 05:48 PM

Costco Smoked Meat

I consider myself a discerning eater, and pretty darn sophisticated when it comes to delicatessen, BBQ, and a bunch of other things. I have to say that the smoked meat sandwich at Costco's served on a cibiatta bun with a huge pickle is pretty damn good, especially for the price of $6. I've actually gone out of my way to grab one.

There! I've admitted it!

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  1. It has a history. Introduced at the food court but criticized because of the 12 grain roll, somewhat wedge shaped.
    Then the meat is sold in pouches in the hot dog section.
    Then they actually sold slabs of cured brisket, from Dunn's, at $11/kg, but it did not sell, as it was restricted to Queensway, Barrie, and Ajax.
    The slabs were dropped, but the pouches are still there. It is hit and miss whether you get a fatty one.
    At least at the food court you can ask for fatty, and they may be able to help.

    1. I luv the pre packaged smoked meat pouches at Costco from Dunn's as for the one sold at their food court I guess I didn't care for it much (its ok but not great) The meat in pouches is nice and medium fatty to fatty and even an friend who was long time resident of Montreal commented how good it was.
      P.S. Try their smoked meat pizza as well (I have only seen at the downsview location) as its pretty good they have reduced the spicing from what it used to be but its still good.

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        Mind you, I'm not saying this is the best SM I've ever had. But for the price and location, it's a nice surprise. And I actually like the bun, though it's not exactly caraway rye.

        1. re: gilbert1111

          Well enjoy it I kinda like it with a good mustard at home. Considering its hard to get good smoked meat out of montreal it a great alternate. I have a hunch that at costo they might be using the same pouches they sell at the store.