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Jul 29, 2011 04:39 PM

non Chinese pine nuts

has anyone a good source for non Chinese pine nuts?
Preferably US or Italian.

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  1. I'll follow this thread and buy up all pine nut sources I can find that aren't Chinese! Even the lovely bag at CostCo is Chinese.

    1. Did a quick google, found this:
      Have no idea of the quality of the company or nuts.

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      1. re: zuklaak

        Thanks. Saw that they're sold out for 2010. Smallest quantity I found for shelled was 8 lbs...just a tad too much for a 2 person household (and even then, $24. a lb). Has anyone ordered from this company?

      2. What's wrong with Chinese pine nuts?

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        1. re: DPGood

          Google "Pine mouth" (there are lots of threads at Chowhound, too). There are many species of pine that produce pine nuts around the world, but one of the varieties common in east Asia (especially China) has become notorious for yielding this problem, so increasing numbers of people shun Chinese pine nuts (and, since non-Chinese pine nuts are so expensive, many just substitute other nuts, like the traditional substitution of walnuts for pine nuts in Italian pestos).

          1. re: Karl S

            Pine Mouth? (I did look it up.) Yuck!

            1. re: DPGood

              Yep, happened to me this past winter. Really awful ( scary really, before I found out it wouldnt be permanent. Took two weeks to go away.) Totally off pesto for the forseeable future!

        2. I found some at the Albuquerque flea market earlier this summer for about $1- $2 an ounce (I got a 6 oz bag for $8). The Indians have exclusive rights to gather them from the pinon pines on the reservations. I was informed that it was a bad year for them in NM due to drought but AZ supplies were pretty good. I bought some and made some damn fine pesto. Perhaps you can find a supplier in the region who will ship them. Way cheaper than most places