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Jul 29, 2011 03:52 PM

Where can I buy fresh/raw milk in the Montreal region?

I started making cheese at home a while ago and after some batches I think now I'm prepared to move to the next step and try to make some raw milk cheese, but I have no idea where I can buy it! Does anyone here know where I can buy it in small quantities. I live in Pincourt, so any farm store/farmer's market in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges area that sells it would be nice.


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  1. This question has come up before and if memory serves, the answer is that it's illegal to sell raw milk in Quebec so it's almost impossible to find unless you happen to know a dairy farmer. ;-) Perhaps someone else can confirm...

    A few links:

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      I agree... Im quite sure it must be pasteurized for sale ...

      buy a cow

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        Wow! I had no idea it was illegal! Too bad... I'll probably need to cross the border to Vermont to get it. :-( Thanks.

      2. Bought some raw milk last Saturday at the Craftsbury VT Farmers Market, they are allowed to sell raw milk, in Quebec a farmer risks losing his licence if he sells raw milk.He is only allowed to sell to the co-op.