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Saratoga: nice lunch spot?

first time visitors looking for lunch ideas... creative sandwiches, big salads, not that interested in burgers. thanks!

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  1. Scallions or Maestro's

    A long thread on best Saratoga restaurants:


    Search is your friend :)

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      Putnum market and Bread Basket have yummy sandwiches, Ravenous aweome crepes. I was really underwhelmed my my last visit to maestros on monday. I found the entire meal heavily salted and my partner felt underwhelmed as well.

    2. The best sandwiches are at Sangwych on Putnam St. For sit-down lunches, I'd recommend Max London's, Capriccio, or Maestro's.

      Max London's Restaurant
      Saratoga Springs, NY, Saratoga Springs, NY

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        Haven't been to Sangwych yet . . . (in the former Lanci's and 8 Tables location?). What do you suggest there?

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          The Sonny B. for your SO, and the Liam D. for you! Also the Asian tuna nachos as at 28 Tables.

      2. Scallions matches this request exactly.

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          thanks to all...Scallions looks perfect.
          we are planning to hit Maestro's for dinner at some point, although i may change my mind and check out Capriccio instead. still in the recon stage.

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            I concur with your analysis of the request re: the food. However, I find Scallions to be a tough place to hold a conversation in with others at your table. The decor is very hard surface, lot's of tile, and the noise level, because of that, seems very high to me. May just be me. I do think they have some outside tables which might be a better choice for diners.

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              Quiet chat wasn't part of the OP's prescription, but I agree that it's not the most comfortable room in town. Honestly, though, it's the place to go for a well-heeled salad-centered lunch, and the noise level is pretty moderate. Most lunch days I'm more likely to be at Shirley's, or in the park with my Roma's sandwich.

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                trakman, I haven't experienced the noise level. That said, we probably had lunch after the 12/1 pm crowd had left . . .

                Also, it's not a place I would consider for dinner. IMHO more of a lunch place.

                Love their duck salad.

                Also, just remembered Hungry Spot for "to go" sandwiches.

            2. rudysmom, where did you end up? How was it?

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                we'll be there this Friday!
                i promise to report back.

                1. as promised: first, a big thank you to everyone who chimed in.
                  so OF COURSE, all the best-laid plans, blah blah blah. we took a very circuitous (but highly scenic) route up, also travelling with other people, so we ended up eating lunch in VT on Friday. got into town, got settled & washed up, had a drink on the porch at Maestro's and watched the world go by. i had tried to get into 28 Tables but they were totally full (unless we wanted to eat dinner at 10:30, which is past my bedtime most nights). ended up at One Caroline, which was fine although one of our companions did not like his app. the waitress graciously took it off the bill and all was well from there.
                  the next day we ended up eating breakfast and lunch at the track (sigh), but DH & i found BlueSmoke/Shake Shack and were reasonably content. had an early dinner at Maestro's--quite delicious (he had sockeye salmon, i had warm spinach salad with lobster, and a generous amount of lobster at that) before concert at SPAC. came back into town, stopped in at Plum Dandy (had a Groupon!) for our version of a nightcap.
                  got up fairly early and beat the crowd to Country Corner, where we had some artery-clogging breakfast, then back home.
                  i love this town...clearly we have to come back so i can hit everything i didn't get to. thanks again!

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                    RudysMom. Glad you had a good time in my now home town. Yeah, Country Corner will clog your arteries. I would vote them number two on the heart attack roster. Next time you are in town, try Shirley's on West Avenue for the eggs benedict. Not available everyday, but always on Sundays. I vote them number one on the cardiac arrest menu, but I do think it's a shorter ride to the emergency ward at Saratoga Hospital than from the Country Corner.