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Jul 29, 2011 01:36 PM

Where to purchase best sashimi quality salmon in the Seattle area?

I am invited to a sushi making party with some of my Japanese national friends and have been asked to bring sashimi quality salmon. Not hard to find around here, but where can I get the BEST quality salmon for this purpose in the Seattle area? thanks!

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  1. Mutual Fish on Rainier Avenue South. Tell them what you want it for.

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      Yeah, Mutual or Uwajimaya (I think Uwaj gets at least some of its fish from Mutual Fish).

    2. Anisakid worms are endemic to wild marine and anadromous fish (including salmon) from regions where marine mammals (especially seals) are found - like the North Pacific.

      These worms can be killed by cooking your fish to death (FDA recommended, but not by me) or by hard freezing.

      Something like 10% of truly fresh (not previously frozen) wild salmon will contain live anisakid worms. Most of the time, even if you eat one accidentally, you'll never know it. Some unknown fraction of the time, though, you're in for gastrointestinal pain so severe, it's commonly misdiagnosed as appendicitis.

      Just know what you're getting into here. Farmed salmon is usually OK because they don't eat the copepods that carry the anisakid larvae (they're eating feed instead.)

      Raw, unfrozen wild pacific salmon is not served as sushi neta in Japanese sushi-ya for this reason. (Japan still has something over 1000 cases per year of anisakiasis, mostly from home sushi/sashimi preparation; fewer than 10 cases are typically reported per year in the USA.)

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        Man, terrier, I was about to do the research to post something along these lines, then got lazy and kinda thought you---as someone who knows this sh*t without research---might come through. Thanks dude---this is why CH is so wonderful.

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            Hi, 8IP:

            Sorry for not noticing your question before now!

            I think the prices are pretty good, actually. Much better than at the clip joint at Chinook's. I was there last week, and the troll-caught kings were $20, sockeye <$10.

            The thing I marvel about at FF is that it doesn't smell like a fish market--they're extremely fastidious. It's small-scale, kinda like the best markets in Hawai'i. If they have it, it's top-notch. If it's not top-notch, they don't sell it.


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              I just stopped in there today on my way to Larsen's Bakery next door. You are right--no fish do they do that? I didn't need anything today but I will be back for sure!

        1. Got my fish at Uwaji in Chinatown. Great cut. Also found fresh BONITO for sahimi, a rare and special treat.