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Jul 29, 2011 01:23 PM

Where to buy duck breast near Hershey, PA


I recently moved to Hershey and find myself craving duck breast and the very tasty fat that comes with it! Unfortunately, the grocery stores I've gone to so far don't seem to carry it.

Anyone know of a store that would sell this stuff? I'm willing to drive to Harrisburg and other cities within 30min radius.

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  1. Probably more than 30 minutes, but I would be ammazed if Dietrichs in Krummsvile din't have it. You might want to call first.

    1. You may want to try Laudermilch's in Annville. I think I remember seeing duck breast on occasion at Costco. The Wegman's in Mechanicsburg definitely has it. If you find yourself in Lancaster Co., The Savory Gourmet in Lititz has it as well. You can also ask at the meat counter at Giant. They will gladly special order items if they can get them.

      The Savory Gourmet
      53 N Broad Street, Lititz, PA

      1. Duck 1/4's at Costco are great (+ attached orange sauce) - they're already 1/2 cooked. I put them directly on the grill, for 12' bone side down, then flip till skin is crisp (flame-ups are irrelevant). An easy pleaser. But it's made it impossible to order duck in restaraunts, when this stuff at home is so much better.