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Jul 29, 2011 01:20 PM

Another Denver/Boulder/Colo Springs Anniversary!

I did try to reply on the other thread and was unsuccessful, sorry. But I'm traveling without kids!

Coming into Denver next Saturday, going to Rockies game that evening (we like to see different ballparks) then staying at some generic Marriott in Boulder for two nights. Looking to see Estes Park, maybe the Celestial Seasonings place (I think I heard that was Boulder), etc.. I was able to get a reservation at Frasca for the Monday night tasting menu (chef's table, I'm pretty psyched), but otherwise we're wide open. Hoping for recommendations that may not be quite as pricey as Frasca for other meals!

We're not tremendous beer drinkers, like it but not avid tasters so the brewpubs would be fine but we'd be as interested in the food as the beer!

Tuesday we head to the Broadmoor for 2 nights (it's our 20th, we get a trip once ever 10 years so since we're using points at the Marriotts....) and leave Denver on Thursday evening. I would like to have one nice meal at the Broadmoor, looks like there's 2 options there, any votes on which one is better? Price not the main issue (dress code would be!!) since it's, yes, the 20th LOL. My husband knows he's in for a few pricey meals!

Thanks in advance, if there's any must-sees I'm glad to hear about those too. Hoping to find a gentle rafting ride somewhere, will take recs on those companies too if it doesn't make the head Hound mad.

Celestial Seasonings
4600 Sleepytime Dr, Boulder, CO 80301

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  1. In Boulder I'd suggest trying Salt for dinner, it's a personal favorite of mine. Or if you like something Asian I enjoy Happy Noodle House as well.

    For rafting you'll need to go up into the mountains, not sure if there's anything near Estes. Closest is probably Clear Creek County up I-70. And this year I wouldn't call it gentle. I lost a very experienced kayaker/rafter friend to the whitewater just a couple of weeks ago. Lots of rain and high snowpack means the rivers are running high.

    1. I'll stick to Boulder recommendations, since that's where I live. Not much in the way of "foodie" eats in Estes, from what I gather. You don't mention types of cuisine, so I'm assuming everything is game. Assuming the Marriott is the one near Canyon and 28th, here are some ideas within walking distance:

      Zolo Grill (upscale southwestern)
      Alba (italian)
      Chez Thuy (vietnamese, asian, may be a slightly longer walk)
      John's (this may be too pricey for you, after Frasca).

      Here's a great thread I always point people to:

      Rather than walking to your meal, you may choose to drive. Lots of reasonable options. Places like L'Atelier and the Kitchen and Salt and Arugula at the top end, the Med and Brasserie 10-10 and Radda and Happy and Centro slightly cheaper. Great cocktails can be had at many of them.

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      1. re: LurkerDan

        Best foodie destinations in Estes Park: Mary's Lake Lodge and Stanley Hotel. Mary's Lake Lodge has a fine dining room and also a more casual pub. Rock Inn is less expensive but far better than most of the options along Elkhorn Ave. (the main drag).

        Another good, nearby restaurant to the Marriott is Laudisio's. Beyond that, no need to drive from that hotel to any of the downtown eateries. Just hop on The Hop bus. Links to route and fare info at The only ones on LurkerDan's list that aren't downtown are Radda and Arugula -- and as he suggested, Chez Thuy. Depends on how much you like to walk and whether we are open taking public transportation..

        Laudisio Restaurant
        1710 29th Street,, Boulder, CO 80301

        Mary's Lake Lodge
        2625 Marys Lake Rd, Estes Park, CO 80517

        The Rock Inn
        1675 State Highway 66, Estes Park, CO 80517

        Chez Thuy
        2655 28th St, Boulder, CO 80301

      2. At the Broadmoor, I vote for the Penrose room. Good chow, elegant service, incredible view through the big windows facing west. Soft piano and comfy chairs after dinner.

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        1. re: Veggo

          The Penrose Room is everything that Veggo indicated, but it IS pricey -- and there is a dress code. The Broadmoor has other enticing options too. For casual but very good, try Adam's Mountain Cafe in nearby Manitou Springs.

          Adam's Mountain Cafe
          934 Manitou Ave Ste 102, Manitou Springs, CO 80829

          Penrose Room
          1 Lake Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO

        2. Thank you all so far!! I'm pretty excited having never been in Colorado, and SO happy we're not going to Vegas again LOL.

          Please feel free to keep the ideas coming!