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Jul 29, 2011 01:09 PM

Good eats near Richmond?

Wife and I will be driving SC to NY. It looks like Richmond is about halfway. Any good eats within ten or so miles from 95? Thanks.

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  1. What kind of food are you interested in?

    I have really enjoyed the Black Sheep ( the last few times I've been in the area. I also had brunch at Stronghill Dining Company on a trip recently, and thought it was very good. Julep's is also a favorite of my family.

    I have a few friends who have really enjoyed Acacia and Mezzaine, though I haven't been myself just yet.

    Balliceaux, Cafe Rustica, and Millie's Diner have all gotten good reviews here lately, too.

    There's a thread with several recommendations here at

    Black Sheep
    901 W Marshall St, Richmond, VA 23220

    Cafe Rustica
    414 E Main St, Richmond, VA 23219

    Stronghill Dining Company
    1200 N Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23230

    1. PLEASE be more specific. High end? Low end? Particular cuisine? Richmond is a very good eating city but your idea of "good eats" and others might differ greatly.

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        I suppose we'd go $75 pp with a decent wine. And Italian would be good, or just good local.

        1. re: DaleJ

          Okay, something to work with. :)

          For Italian you won't go wrong with Edo's Squid or Mamma Zu's, both well within your range and both with interesting cuisine. For local foods you'll want to look at Six Burner, which for a place that's on the casual side does a very good job. To toot my neighborhood's horn (Church Hill), there's the Roosevelt, which does fabulous nouveau southern cuisine. It just opened and already people are going nuts over it (and it's about a mile and a half from 95). Hope that helps!

          Edo's Squid
          411 N Harrison St, Richmond, VA 23220

          Mamma Zu
          501 S Pine St, Richmond, VA 23220

          Six Burner Restaurant
          1627 W Main St, Richmond, VA 23220

          1. re: MandalayVA

            Good list...I would also add Comfort to it for good southern fare, and reasonable (and well thought out) wine list.

        1. We enjoyed Kitchen 64, a wonderful casual restaurant right off 95 and 64. Go hungry!

          Comfort has an amazing chocolate mousse.

          Kitchen 64
          3336 N St, Richmond, VA 23223

          1. Also, consider Julep's! My favorite local restaurant : )