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Jul 29, 2011 12:43 PM

BBQsmith - great food at new food truck in front of chinatown gate

I tried this new food truck on Monday this week and ended up going back 2 more times in 4 days. Monday I had a smoked beef plate (brisked, I think) with a side of black beans and cole slaw. The meat was excellent, full of flavor and juicy. The cole slaw and beans had a very homemade feel to them and made the whole thing seem very healthy (even though I'd eat it anyway if it weren't).

Wednesday I had the smoked chicken plate with green beans and black beans again. The chicken was excellent. It had a great smokiness and wasn't overwhelmed by sauce so you could actually taste the chicken (this is nice considering they use only all natural meats). the chicken was served with greek yogurt, pickled shredded veggies, and a green sauce (maybe cilantro and lemon?). On top of the chicken were 2 chicken "chips." These appear to be pieces of chicken skin that are treated in some supernatural way to transform them into one of the best things I've eaten all summer. The green beans were in a creme fraiche sauce with shallots. I also tasted the pork that my dad ordered and was impressed.

Today I went back for a sandwich. They serve their sandwiches on a big slice of whole grain baguette, which I am sure is good for you, although you'd never know by the taste. The sandwich was the same chicken I had on Wednesday with the same toppings and "chips" and was wonderful.

The prices are quite good considering the general quality of the food and the fact that they are using good, all-natural meat. The chicken sandwich I had was $6, the chicken plate was $9, and the beef plate was $11. All were well worth it. They also offer tacos ($3, I think) but I haven't tried yet.

I am surprised that no one else has written about this place yet on Chowhound, or am I just not seeing the reviews?

ps, to clarify, this is not Chinese BBQ, just happens to be right there next to Chinatown

No formal address, see Twitter for location, Boston, MA

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  1. Did they mention whose beef and chicken they use?

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      It doesn't say where they get it, but they are very friendly and I'm sure they'd be happy to share the info. I'll try to remember to ask the next time I'm there and post it here.

    2. I had mentioned it BBQ Smith on the food truck thread. I had the pulled pork taco and I like it as well but it faces some competition given it's proximity to all the inexpensive lunch possibilities in Chinatown. I guess I'm not feeling the love for the food truck phenomenon.

      1. I had a pulled pork sandwich there that didn't floor me. I detected no real smokey flavor, though it was decent enough, otherwise in terms of flavor and texture.

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          I just tried BBQsmith for the first time today. I had two tacos, one with smoked chicken and one with smoked beef. They come in a small-to-medium flour tortilla (yeah, I'd prefer corn, but the flour actually works well with their meat) with a very nice salsa verde for garnish. The meats were super-tasty and they put a good amount in each ($3) taco. I liked that they didn't try to jam too many tastes in. It was a good balance between the smoky/salty-ish meat and the bright salsa. It didn't taste like any particular ethnic cuisine; it just tasted delicious. I also had a side of sauteed greens (seemed like kale rather than collards); these were good but on the salty side.

          I did not see the platter option with sides---only sandwiches and tacos, with sides sold a la carte. Does anyone know if you can still order a platter?

          No formal address, see Twitter for location, Boston, MA