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Jul 29, 2011 11:34 AM

Do you enjoy sugar-free and/or low fat products even though you're not on a diet?

I'm very active and eat generally healthy with some indulgences thrown in every week. This translates for me as real bread (not low-calorie bread which is the only type my parents eat), lots of olive oil and hummus, real desserts once or twice a week, etc. However, there are certain low-fat/sugar free foods that I eat on a regular basis and actually enjoy. I cannot stomach full fat milk and prefer 2% (though skim milk is horrific to me). I almost exclusively use sugar free syrup on my twice a week belgian waffle. Admittedly I do like the "real stuff" better but I like the sugar-free syrup enough that I just can't justify the extra sugar. I only use splenda in my cereal. However I find sugar-free chocolate repugnant; go figure. I actually enjoy Tasti-d-lite and actually prefer it to full fat icecream. (Though not to good gelato).
How about you?

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  1. While I generally shy away from artificial sweeteners, I vastly prefer Diet Coke to regular Coke.

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      Here I can get DC with Splenda in it. It's pretty good.

    2. Diet coke. The gray label not the black label.

      1. I often prefer low-fat dairy products and I'm with you on the Tasti-D. But can't stand artificial sweeteners (at least ever since I kicked the Diet Coke habit many years ago...;)

        1. Only if it's that way naturally. IE veggies.

          I only buy whole milk, full fat whole milk yogurt, butter, sour cream act. I refuse to buy diet soda or sugar substitutes.

          1. I prefer non-fat yogurt and 1% milk. The full-fat stuff makes me feel like I'm eating/drinking butter (nothing against butter, but I don't want to shovel spoonfuls of it into my mouth). Conversely, I like full-fat cheese and will eat low-fat cheese only under duress.

            I tend not to like artificially sweetened stuff. Given the choice between sugar-free syrup and nothing, I'd pick nothing.