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Jul 29, 2011 10:51 AM

Some Cape highlights

Captain Frosty's for excellent chowder and fried clams. PB Boulangeries closed Monday and Tuesday, they referred us to the bakery across the street. Nice little French muffins and cardamom muffins , both very good with a nice crown.
Highlight of the trip was the Lost Dog Cafe in Dennis. Started with CC Red Ale, a little hops for a red, which is fine by me. Great chowder, not too thick and clammy flavor. Grilled striped bass came cut into 3 pieces, a little haphazard so I was apprehensive. Tried the nicely charred tailpiece first and it was still moist. The rest of the fish was equally moist throughout. Veggies fresh and crisp and real mashed made it fantastic. She had really fresh baked scallops Nantucked, a little bacon and cheese.
Got to PB Boul on Weds and had a lite, buttery croissant, raz/almond brioche with little almond. It was cubes held together with a pastry cream. A couple very nice Madelines and a wonderful cappucino. The 1/4 loaf of country bread was delish, too.
Many more places to try next time.

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  1. Thanks for the report! Heading that way in a couple of weeks. I'm curious about the Lost this the Lost Dog *Pub* (not cafe) in East Dennis (they have Orleans and East Dennis listed on the website)? I ask, b/c the menu doesn't mention any of the items you describe. Where these specials? Thanks!!! Can't wait!

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    1. re: Science Chick

      Yes it is. The Bass was a special, the scallops on the menu.

    2. Just curious. Did you have either clams or chowder elsewhere and if so, how did they compare? (quality, quantity, and price?)

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        I've had clams and chowder several times this summer. The clams at farnhams were the best, CF next, the Dresser Hill clam box next. All very good to great.
        Chowderwise, I don't like it too thick. CF was very flavorful, not much potatoes very good clam flavor. lost Dog, next more potatoes, very flavorful. Farnums had great clam flavor, almost no thickener. DH clam box sucked. The spoon stood up, too gloopey, not great flavor.

        1. re: trufflehound

          I'm sorry
          Where are these places? Are you on the Cape?
          I thought Dresser Hill was in Charlton.

          1. re: seaville

            You are correct. And Farnham's is in Essex I believe.

            truffle, next time you're on Cape try Marathon, Sesuit Cafe, Arnolds, Sir Crickets, Cooke's, Falmouth Clam Shack, or Friendly Fisherman for clams and chowder and then compare to Frosty's and off-Cape locales.

            To me Lost Dog is a bar that happens to serve food on the side, so it's nice you found an enjoyable meal there. This board can direct you to far more chowish delights.

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              CCG knows his stuff! But I would caution against the chowder at FF. The one time I had it is was this thick yellow gloppy mess............really weird considering how wonderful all their other food is.

              1. re: Science Chick


                Truthfully, I rarely order chowder out as mine is just as I like it. No flour, thickened by the starch in the potatoes only.

              2. re: CapeCodGuy

                Thanks CCG. Only so little time to carouse, and sometimes 2 have to agree. Sometimes it's not only flavor but nostalgia, atmosphere etc. Many of your recs are on my list and I've been to many in the past, and sometimes a bar with a side of food is the Rx the Dr ordered.

        2. I have to add my positive recommendation on the Lost Dog. I live nearby so it gets bonus points for proximity but I think the food is pretty darned good, especially their pizza. The menu has the regular assortment but they do a daily pizza special that is out of the ordinary. Met a friend there for dinner a few weeks ago and we had the special which that day was a white pizza with lots of garlic, artichoke hearts and capers. An interesting (some might say strange) combination but we both thought it was delicious. Especially when washed down with a few cold beers.....