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Jul 29, 2011 10:36 AM

Worst Sandwhich (s) ever

Pickle Barrel
Absolutely hands down the worst philly cheesesteak sandwhich I ever had. If you want a real sandwhich, go to Spanky's in Margate, FL, or for a 2nd choice, go to Mir's in Pompano Beach, FL

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  1. So where was the worst then? I moved fairly close to Spanky's a year ago but haven't made it yet. Go
    ing soon!

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    1. re: Jenaclaree

      Spanky's is the BEST!,, don't forget to get the chili cheese fries, thats a meal in itself...LOL
      Now I'm hungry :)

      1. re: Jenaclaree

        Pickle Barrel, My bad.. I thought I posted in the title.

        1. re: SilverGST

          just btw it's sandwich!!

          I have never tried Pickle Barrel - what is good there?

      2. just a question? while a cheesesteak is on the menu why would you order that from a place that clearly favors deli like sandwiches. I will tell you I have eaten there for over 15 yrs and did not even realize the had cheese steak till I read your thread. Next time try the corned beef,deli mustard and horseradish

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        1. Going to the Pickle Barrel For a Cheese Steak, is like going to a Chinese Place and ordering a Hamburger. To call the Pickle Barrel the Worst Sandwich place because you ordered a cheesesteak there doesnt make sense.
          Next time try getting the Pastrami, or corned beef, or a Deli sandwich which is what they are known for..

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          1. i would recommend either for cheese steak or as well as spankys on oakland if they are still there
            Just sayin

            1. KFC hands down the worst when they had the double chicken Sandwich no bread with bacon and other items between the chicken! The saltiest mess I ever bit into